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The Cook profession is the most sought after in Greece and especially in tourist areas.

In the Dodecanese, with Rhodes and Kos occupying the 3rd and 6th respectively of the most popular tourist destinations, tourist professions are sought after. It is noteworthy that in February 2014 Anko Academy organized a Career Day where all the students were absorbed. Especially for cooks, the jobs offered by luxury hotels were more than students available and there was a remarkable demand for many more cooks.

Target audience

The Anko Tourism Academy Cooking School, operating in Kos, Rhodes & Kalymnos, aims to provide the proper basics of Cooking Art for each student to become a successful Cook. The aim of the program is to develop cooking skills at a professional level. At the end of the program, trainees will be able to work confidently in professional dining kitchens. They will be able to create basic and advanced dishes and possess techniques used in many versions of modern creative cuisine.

Its students practice and create dishes with inspiration and taste, under the guidance of distinguished chefs, in our own modern facilities.

A visit is enough to convince you...

Briefing program

Kitchen equipment, uniforms-tools-knives
Fruit-soups-Besamél- Hot sauces - Demi Glas
Cold Sauces (Dutch, Muslin, Mayard, Mayonnaise, Tartar, Avocado)
Salads dressings, BBQaction
Dough and pies (puff pastry, leaf, etc.) - tarts
Confectionery items
Fasting and vegetarian menus
Italy-pasta (fresh industrial), pizzas risotto
Personal menus-mise un place- Cost estimation - Standard Recipes
Hygiene and Safety Haccp ΕΦΕΤ
Job Seeking Techniques - Promotion in Employment

Preparations with eggs-crêpes-blinis-pats
Cheese and soufflé preparations, meat and minced meat
Appetizers and snacks, tapas and snacks
Poultry and white meats - marinades
Traditional Greek menus
Gluten-Free Preparations
National cuisines: Sushi - Chinese - Thai - India-Mexican-Russian-Scandinavian
Food styling - decorative - restaurant art - serving art
Oenology bar – aperitif

The Anko Tourism Academy Cooking School operates with high quality standards, with emphasis on the creation of prominent executives. We choose our teachers with great care, the design of suitable facilities, the choice of materials. At Anko you will have the chance to learn all the secrets of Cooking by renowned chefs.<

Extra Benefits

  1. Free Job Promotion Seminar, CV, Job Seeking Techniques
  2. Participation in Career Days organized by the school to facilitate the employment of its students. The school undertakes to promote all graduates in employment.

Degree-Certificate Culinary Art

All of  our graduates receive after examinations, a Lifelong Learning Centre Certificate of Study  which is also recognised abroad in two languages, Greek and English