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According to the new regulation in EU law on Data protection and privacy, ANKO Academy complies with the Directive. Below there is an analysis of the use of personal data of the candidates, students and parents.

More specifically, ANKO Academy uses the personal data that candidates submit at their application form, the information document and the communication forms at the official site of our school, for the following reasons:

  • To inform the general secretariat for Lifelong Learning, that controls the operations of Vocational Training Institute and is responsible for providing the Certificates of Studies, Certificates for Army, Specialty Diplomas.
  • To inform the general secretariat for Lifelong Learning and the cooperating partners of ANKO about processes and documents related to our students' recruitment.
  • To inform the General Secretariat of Economic Policy about the economic-fiscal data of our students, their parents or the related businesses, according to the law.
  • To inform our students about their schedule, programs, events, absence etc.
  • To inform students about updates related to their program of studies, the available job openings. The communications will be held by phone calls, sms, emails and social networks.
  • To use and add the email address of students at the data base of our website for the newsletter.

Additionally, Anko can use the personal data of students at the following cases:

  • During the course (Theoretical and laboratory), seminars and lectures and all kinds of events and educational visits, photos and videos are taken, which are posted on the official site and the official page Facebook of our school, on Instagram and generally on social media or in advertising brochures of our school.
  • The school uses the electronic platform Anko student's portal, where the students, the parents and the teachers have access and are informed about the program of studies, presence, marks, assessments, announcements etc. Each use has his/her own personal and private password which is provided by the secretariat of the school.

The personal data are recorded at the data base of ERP Softone Business explorer and at the data base of Newsletter, for the above reasons.

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