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The Programme on Confectionary and Bakery at IEK ANKO in Kos & Rhodes aim to the professional training of skilled pastry chefs

Students attend both theoretical and laboratory courses and prepare all kinds of sweets and desserts. They perform traditional and modern confectionary recipes. The curriculum meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education so the acquired diploma is fully accredited by the state


A graduate of this programmeis trained to demonstrate his abilities, skills and knowledge on dietetics, food chemistry, hygiene and safety. While basic core lessons such as economic theory, facilities and equipment, commodity control, raw materials, costing and legislation compose the administrative profile of the Professional Pastry Chef who can create his own business.

Practical lessons take place at the state-of-the-art confectionary-bakery laboratories of IEK Anko in Kos and Rhodes.

Duration of Studies

Attendance lasts 2 years. Each year consists of 2 semesters. Courses start in October and end in May of each year. Internship is compulsory unless the student has insurance stamps in the industry (prior employment in the industry).

Curriculum courses

  • Principles of Economics
  • French Terminology
  • Confectionery-Bakery Equipment
  • Supplies control
  • Raw Materials and Confectionery-Bakery products
  • Confectionery Art
  • Traditional Pastry - International Sweets - Contemporary *
  • Research - Development and Creation of New Recipes *
  • Basic Molecular Confectionery Techniques *
  • Bakery Art
  • Bakery for specific diets (gluten-free, etc.) *
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Management Systems (Haccp)
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Principles of Food Industry Legislation
  • English Terminology
  • Decorative Pastry Art with Sugar Paste*
  • Cooking*

Courses with an asterisk (*) are extra lessons from the program of the Ministry of Education, which the Anko Tourism Academy offers for completing education according to new trends.

Additional benefits for students of IEK ΑΝΚΟ

  1. Continuous support from the career office, even after graduation
  2. Specialized seminars and educational visits and field trips to hotels and other tourism-specific organizations.
  3. Learning Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Italian) which are included in the curricula.
  4. Free of charge on-line seminars and workshops
  5.  Card: With the use of the card, students have a number of privileges when purchasing particular products and services from collaborating businesses (books, clothing, food, etc
  6. Special tuition and fees are charged to special categories of students such as: Single-parent families, vulnerable social groups, unemployed, disabled, etc.

Potential Candidates

A prerequisite for participation is to want to become a Confectioner - Baker, to like teamwork, to have artistic mood and imagination.
They should have team spirit and love the collaboration.
If you do not have a High School Certificate you can attend the intensive courses program without any prerequisite. See the program here.
There is no age limit.
No foreign language diploma is required.


During the semester, mid-term and final examinations are carried out. Upon successful completion of the study at IEK ANKO, graduates obtain a Certificate of Vocational Training, which is a secure investment for their professional career and development.

Other information

The studies at the IEK Confectionery-Bakery of Anko Tourism Academy in Kos and Rhodes are a unique experience that will fascinate you. The curriculum, the facilities, the first grade materials, the distinguished professors of high standing, the extra activities, the training sessions and the educational visits, the interest and the essential care of the school for finding a job for each student separately are some of the comparative advantages of the No 1 Tourism School of the Dodecanese

Supporting Documents

1. ID (for foreigners a residence permit is required)
2. Taxation ID (for native citizens)  
3. Color ID Photos (2)
4. Color ID Photos for a Student Pass (2, optional)
5. Health certificate
6. Certified copy of High school diploma (Lyceum, Baccalaureate or TEE)

CAUTION! A degree is not required for the intensive courses at the Center for Lifelong Learning

7. Social Security number (AMKA)
8. Certificate from the Social Insurance Organization or equivalent Public Service stating past employment (optional if available)
9. Family Status Certificate