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The period of Lent is closely associated with fasting and the “sacrifice” we make by differentiating-removing a big part of our eating habits.

It is a period of time when Christendom celebrates. Throughout the years, the traditions, the needs, everyday life and the potential we had, have created a huge chapter of Lenten dishes. Lenten dishes which are full of nutrients and which we have acquired from our fertile land. Through its activities, ANKO Academy, always supporting Greek tradition and gastronomy, will be presenting an educational seminar on Lenten dishes, which come directly from the Holy Mount Athos cuisine in combination with the flavor of the herbs of Kos. The presentation will take place with the collaboration of the Metropolis of Kos and Nisiros and our Metropolitan, his eminence Mr. Nathanael. Father Nikitas of Panagia Portaitissa shall prepare the Lenten dishes during the presentation.