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Acquire A Butcher’s Certificate of Professional Competence

Theoretical part

Taught thoroughly by a veterinarian specialized in meat:
  • Veterinary structures, slaughterhouses and poultry establishments
  • Elements of anatomy, physiology, pathology and zootechnics
  • Hygiene of facilities, equipment and staff.
  • General information about birds, rabbits and game.
  • Μeat and by-products trading
  • Butcher shop organization
  • Assessment of categories of carcase and birds
  • Conversion of animal and poultry carcase to meat and veterinary
  • Quality ranking
  • General information about meat
  • Meat deterioration factors and various other kinds of spoilage
  • Processing and standardization laboratories for fresh meat, frozen meat and by-products
  • Methods of preserving meat and carcase by-products
  • Current legislation

Workshop Practice at Ariston

  • Cutting of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit
  • Skinning of pork
  • Boning of all kinds of meat
  • Cuttings from whole carcase
  • Preparations (rolls, burgers, sausages, coatings, marinades, portioning)
At  Ariston standard workshop 4th km Rhodes-Lindos certified ISO 22000: 2005

Extra Benefits

Free Job Promotion Seminar, CV, Job Search Techniques
Participation in Career Days organized by the academy for the professional settlement of students.
The academy undertakes the promotion of all graduates in employment..
Special prices for: Single-parent families, Vulnerable Social Groups, Repetitive Students