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Acquire A Butcher’s Certificate of Professional Competence

Theoretical part

Taught thoroughly by a veterinarian specialized in meat:
  • Veterinary structures, slaughterhouses and poultry establishments
  • Elements of anatomy, physiology, pathology and zootechnics
  • Hygiene of facilities, equipment and staff.
  • General information about birds, rabbits and game.
  • Μeat and by-products trading
  • Butcher shop organization
  • Assessment of categories of carcase and birds
  • Conversion of animal and poultry carcase to meat and veterinary
  • Quality ranking
  • General information about meat
  • Meat deterioration factors and various other kinds of spoilage
  • Processing and standardization laboratories for fresh meat, frozen meat and by-products
  • Methods of preserving meat and carcase by-products
  • Current legislation

Workshop at Ariston (Meat Manufacture )

  • Cutting of chicken, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit
  • Skinning of pork
  • Boning of all kinds of meat
  • Cuttings from whole carcase
  • Preparations (rolls, burgers, sausages, coatings, marinades, portioning)
At  Ariston standard workshop 4th km Rhodes-Lindos certified ISO 22000: 2005
Ariston is a large meat supplier for the hospitality industry in Rhodes (located at 4th km Rhodes-Lindos Road-certified with ISO 22000: 2005)