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The full curriculum of IEK Anko Tourism Academy Berautician program offers the student in-depth knowledge of Aesthetics, Makeup, Hair Removal, Massage Spa, Manicure Pedicure Nail techniques, Henna Tattoo and Body painting.

Furthermore, the program is enriched with courses on Management and Administration, Marketing, Psychology, in order for the student to acquire administrative skills so that he / she can take the position of a head of a department or set up his / her own business.

Career Prospects

The beauty aesthetic specialist can work as a professional aesthetic nail technician at:

Institutes of aesthetics multipurpose centers.
Beauty salons - beauty studios.
Nail studios.
SPA centers.
Places that provide alternative therapies.
Beauty care departments - SPA large hotels resorts.
Companies - cosmetics industries.
Cosmetic shops / retail.
TV cinema as a beauty consultant.
Magazines, as a beauty editor.
Establishing his own business as a Nail Technician (requiring professional experience)

Duration of Studies

The attendance is 2 years. Each year consists of 2 semesters. The courses start in October and end in May. Internship is compulsory unless the student has insurance stamps in the industry.

Curriculum courses

  • Anatomy - Physiology
  • Dermatology
  • Elements of Chemistry Cosmetology
  • Special physics issues
  • Aesthetic face
  • Chromatology
  • Professional make up:
  • Morphology
  • Media Makeup (TV Video Advertising)
  • Special effects Makeup
  • Aesthetics - Manicure Pedicure Onychoplastics
  • Principles of Soothing and over 20 massage techniques
  • Spa Wellness and Relaxation Methods
  • Body Treatments
  • Tattoo with Henna Body painting
  • Hair removal
  • Dietetics
  • Marketing organization
  • Psychology Professional ethics
  • First Aid - Occupational Health and Safety

Additional benefits for students of IEK ΑΝΚΟ

1. Specialized seminars and educational visits to hotels and other tourism bodies
2. Learning 4 Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Italian)
4. Anko Member Card - Privilege Network: With the use of the card, our students have a number of privileges in products and services. From clothing to food and book purchases to film screenings, this is the list of partner companies.
5. Special tuition fees in: Single-parent families, vulnerable social groups, repeat students, depending on the period of enrolments, available positions and social criteria.
6. Our students have continuous support from the career office and even after graduation from the School.
7. Bachelor in collaboration with top Universities abroad (Bournemouth University - UK, Vatel International Hospitality School - Nimes France, BHMS Business & Hotel Management School - Lucerne Switzerland)

Terms of Participation

A prerequisite for participation is to like the Art of Aesthetics, team work, to have an artistic mood and imagination and to like teamwork. If you do not have a baccalaureate you can attend the rapid-learning beauty programs without any prerequisites. See the program here.

There is no age limit.
No foreign language diploma is required.


During the semester, mid-term and final examinations are carried out. Upon successful completion of the study at IEK ANKO, graduates obtain a Certificate of Vocational Training, which is a secure investment for their professional career and development.

Afterwards, graduates can, if they have completed their internship or regular work in a related specialty with their studies, to pass a State Certification Examination to obtain the State Vocational Training Diploma which:


  • is valid in Greece and other European Union countries as a Level 4 Vocational Training (Law 4186/2013, Article 25, paragraph 1e), corresponding to Level 5 in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework. Graduates, with the acquisition of this diploma, have the opportunity to continue their studies in Greece and abroad.
  • is awarded by the Ministry of Education following a successful participation in the certification examinations of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP). The graduates of all IEK, public and private have the right to attend these exams.
  • is equivalent to the Public IEK Diplomas.

Finally, IEK ANKO graduates as holders of this Diploma are eligible to participate in the ASEP competitions (PD 50/27/2001 Government Gazette 39 / A / 5-3-2001 Presidential Decree 347/2003 , Government Gazette 115 / Α '/ 31-12-03), and are awarded 150 points (Article 8 of Law 3051/2002, Government Gazette 220 / Α / 20-9-02).

Other information

Studies in Beautician Art at Anko Tourism Academy, Kos and Rhodes are a unique experience that will fascinate you. The curriculum, the facilities, the first grade materials, the distinguished professors of high standing, the extra activities, the training sessions and the educational visits, the interest and the essential care of the school for finding a job for each student separately are some of the comparative advantages of the No.1 Tourist School of the Dodecanese.

Supporting Documents

1. ID (for foreigners a residence permit is required)
2. Taxation ID (for native citizens)  
3. Color ID Photos (2)
4. Color ID Photos for a Student Pass (2, optional)
5. Title of studies (Lyceum, baccalaureate, or TEE)
CAUTION! A degree is not required for intensive courses at the Center For Lifelong Learning
6. Social Security number (AMKA)
7. Certificate from the Social Insurance Organization or equivalent Public Service stating past employment (optional if available)
8. Family Status Certificate