At Anko Tourism Academy there is a Career Office with a personal Career Counselor with the ultimate goal to guide, prepare and support our graduates in the job search and career planning.


One – on – one coaching session in order to be prepared for the job search process.


Students attend special workshops for the ideal CV presentation.


Guidance and support to the creation of a personal portfolio.


The students attend workshops that prepare them for the job interview. Also, they are able to negotiate about their job position with confidence and self-esteem.


Our Career office offers our students direct placement support. Also, Anko Tourism Academy has a well-organized network of partners that provide internship opportunities.


Information on labor market trends and employment opportunities.


Organizing training seminars and lectures to enrich the qualifications of graduates in related subjects.


Organizing Career Days to help students keep in touch with the labor market.

Career days

Every year the “Career Days” take place at the facilities of the Anko Tourism Academy.

At these events, Potential recruiters hold interviews with students and graduates to immediately hire for any available job position that is open at their companies. In this way both students and graduates come into contact with the labor market, with prospective employers and acquire their first professional experience.

These “Career Days” feature a large number of businesses, students and graduates, and the positions they offer are either for internships or permanent employment.

The success of Career Days is based on the fact that the best companies prefer the students of the Anko School of Tourism, because …… On Career Days most of the students

Career days


Career Counselor suggests appropriate internships for students who are interested.

During the Career Days students have the opportunity to discuss with prospective employers and to be directly and personally informed about jobs.

Throughout the internship, advisor monitors the course of practice and supports learners.

Internship gives students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, experience and get in touch with the labor market. Thus, all students are characterized by self-confidence, readiness and maturity.

Atrium Palace hotel manager

I would like to thank you on behalf of my niece Despina, because of you she came to love her profession and with great pleasure does her internship at Sheraton. Congratulations for your great work!