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The Hairdressing School is a complete program of studies where students will acquire in depth knowledge on the Hairdresser's profession.

At the same time, the program is enriched with Management and Administration courses, Marketing and Psychology in order for the student to acquire the administrative skills to be able to take on the position of a manager of a store or to establish his own hairdressing salon.

Career Prospects

The Hairdressing Technician can open his own business. At the end of the two-year courses the student takes a state certification examination. The acquisition of the State Certificate by the two-year IEK department is the only degree in which the student can immediately, without any experience, get issued a Hairdresser’s License. You can start your own business with this degree with no prior experience required!

Curriculum courses

  • Hairdressing technology
  • Specialty design
  • Hygiene - accident prevention
  • Technical applied anatomy-physiology
  • Dermatology
  • Practical Hairdressing Exercises
  • Material technology
  • Electrical items - hairdressing machines
  • Management and operation of hairdressing-marketing
  • Professional behavior-legislation

Terms of Participation

A prerequisite for participation is to like the Hairdressing Art, to have an artistic mood and imagination and to enjoy teamwork. If you do not have a baccalaureate, you can study at Anko's rapid-learning Hairdressing Department, without any prerequisites. See the program here.
There is no age limit.
No foreign language diploma is required.


During the semester, mid-term and final examinations are carried out. Upon successful completion of the study at IEK ANKO, graduates obtain a Certificate of Vocational Training, which is a secure investment for their professional career and development.

Afterwards, graduates can, if they have completed their internship or regular work in a related specialty with their studies, to pass a State Certification Examination to obtain the State Vocational Training Diploma which:


  • is valid in Greece and other European Union countries as a Level 4 Vocational Training (Law 4186/2013, Article 25, paragraph 1e), corresponding to Level 5 in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework. Graduates, with the acquisition of this diploma, have the opportunity to continue their studies in Greece and abroad.
  • is awarded by the Ministry of Education following a successful participation in the certification examinations of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP). The graduates of all IEK, public and private have the right to attend these exams.
  • is equivalent to the Public IEK Diplomas.

Finally, IEK ANKO graduates as holders of this Diploma are eligible to participate in the ASEP competitions (PD 50/27/2001 Government Gazette 39 / A / 5-3-2001 Presidential Decree 347/2003 , Government Gazette 115 / Α '/ 31-12-03), and are awarded 150 points (Article 8 of Law 3051/2002, Government Gazette 220 / Α / 20-9-02).

Other information

The studies on Culinary Art at Anko Academy in Kos and Rhodes are a unique experience that will fascinate you. The curriculum, the facilities, the first grade materials, the distinguished professors of high standing, the extra activities, the training sessions and the educational visits, the interest and the essential care of the school for finding a job for each student separately are some of the comparative advantages of the Anko Academy.

Supporting Documents

1. ID (for foreigners a residence permit is required)
2. TIN Nb
3. Color ID Photos (2)
4. Color ID Photos for a Student Pass (2, optional)
5. Title of studies (Lyceum, baccalaureate, or TEE)
CAUTION! A degree is not required for the intensive courses at the Center for Lifelong Learning
6. Social Security number (AMKA)
7. Certificate from the Social Insurance Organization or equivalent Public Service stating past employment (optional if available)
8. Family Status Certificate