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For the 3rd year at ANKO Rhodes, Chef Dimitris Dimitriadis, comes to show us the new Trend of Restaurants, handmade Breads of natural fermenting with sourdough.

Philosophy of the seminar

It's the creation of handmade breads that awaken memories. The aim is to specialize the Chef in Restaurant Bread. Bread in restaurants has now acquired its own special place and can have a major effect on the overall customer experience.

Historical facts about bread

We attribute to the Egyptians the invention of bread, who made galettes based on millet and barley. They accidentally discovered the swelling in a piece of dough that had soured. 

Techniques developed in the seminar

  • Autolysis (or autolyse)
  • Bulk fermentation
  • Slap & Fold (or Betrinet method)
  • Natural fermentation
  • Create a prozyme
  • Emulsifying
  • Hand kneading

Recipes to be presented

  • Focaccia beetroot
  • Oily trahanas
  • Whole-grain prozyme with olives
  • Whole-grain prozyme
  • Potato bread
  • Toast bread

We will also discuss about the following topics

  • Big holes in bread
  • Moisture percentages
  • Longer rest time in kneading
  • Removing olive oil from bread
  • Soft moves in kneading
  • Suitable flours

How to watch the seminar

The seminar will take place Live through our elearning platform with ZOOM.
To watch, you must have access to the Internet from a mobile or computer or tablet.

A few words about the lecturer

Dimitris Dimitriadis, an experienced chef, has to his resume collaborations with Michelin-starred restaurants such as CIBUS, Hytra and NABUCCO, and has also passed through Denmark's iconic "Noma". A fan of Mediterranean cuisine, for the last four years he has been the chef of Artisanal in Kifissia. It has been awarded with "Toques d'or " (Golden Chef Caps Awards) 4 times and 4 awards of Greek cuisine.

He has also curated the menu of a new Bakery in Edinburgh.