Content of the seminar: “ Dairy cream and vegetable-fat products/ From theory to practice”.


New Gastronomic Experiences and reipes from executive chef will be presented by the executive chef Vasileio Tsatsaki.

The attendance is mandatory for the First Year Students of Cooking School.

The attendance is optional for the Second Year Students of Cooking School.

The chef of Friesland Campina Hellas will present some of his innovative recipes, using exclusively the products of Friesland Campina as dairy cream and milk, covering all the needs of cooking!

There will be a really tasty and innovative outcome.

  • Definitions- category products
  • Productive process of dairy cream
  • Basic utilities- needs and professional’s profile
  • Various dairy- creams and vegetable-fat products
  • Process “how to whip the dairy cream up” – parameters that affect the process.

Content of practice

  • Cooking with dairy cream and vegetable-fat products- Utility of products from the professional catalog of FCH
  • Food styling
  • Tastings- Taste different types of dairy cream and vegetable- fat products with no extra additive
  • Comparison of homogenized vs non-homogenized milk and vegetable fat vs animal fat.
  • Desserts and variations

Recipes will be presented:

  • Dressing with the traditional cheese of Lemnos (Melichloro)
  • Traditiomal spaghetti of Crete (skioufichta) with chicken (apaki) cream cheese
  • Risotto Chorizo
  • Salmon fillet with cauliflower potage
  • Risotto Chocolate