Christos Epsimos


For us, education is the dominant capital that each person possesses and is not removed.

We envisioned the creation of a Tourism school of high standards - for the data of international education. The ultimate goal is to channel human resources into the labour market with a high level of education and skills.

We believe that all this will help to improve the quality of the tourist product and will contribute positively to the development of the tourism industry, the main lever of economic development of our country.

Christos Epsimos is a graduate of the Department of Economic Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.He has worked as a teacher in the Kos School of Education (EPAL) during the period 1985-1986. In 1985 he founded his own office of feasibility studies and accounting services. In 1992, he proceeds to the founding of Anko's first school, on the island of Kos.

Christos Epsimos

Ilias Epsimos

Director of Studies, Anko Academy Kos

Our philosophy is to provide studies of high quality at the most demanding Tourism specializations.

Our vision is to enrich the market place with employees of high academic standards and qualifications, who will upgrade the quality of the tourism product and create new trends in the domain of Hospitality (including gastronomy, candy-making and beauty).

We believe that the quality of our facilities and the technical infrastructure dramatize a significant role at the learning process. We have created the ideal laboratories with state - of the - art equipment while our students are familiarized with unusual raw materials and supplies. Our teaching process is based on the simulation methodology.

Ilias Epsimos is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration, University of Athens. He has educational proficiency and experience in adult education. His aim is the continuous training through seminars on the management of social media, the management of human resources and the promotion of employment. From 2016 until today has assumed the position of the Director of studies of Anko Academy Kos.

Ilias Epsimos

Stergia Epsimos

Director of Studies, Anko Academy Rhodes

At Anko we never complacent. We constantly evolve our curricula according to the new trends while at the same time creating trends influencing the tourist industry, the areas of beauty and gastronomy. For us the protagonists are our students and our graduates. We are very excited to all interact with people who are passionate about their studies and their profession. We are happy to see our graduates evolve and become renowned professionals.

For us the protagonists are our students and our graduates.We are very excited to all interact with people who are passionate about their studies and their profession. We are happy to see our graduates evolve and become renowned professionals.

Our dreams and our goals for educating our people and supporting our trainers never stop. We have a lot to give!

Stergia Epsimos is a graduate of the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and business. She has also studied microeconomics at the summer School of the London School of Economics, while at the same time she is trained in Executive education in Personal Leadership at Stanford University. She has educational proficiency and experience in adult education. From 2008 to 2011 she worked as an economist. In 2011, she converted Anko Academy Kos from a school of informatics in a tourist school, while from 2015 until today she has taken over Anko's administration in Rhodes.

Stergia Epsimos

Despoina Chatzidiakos

Life Coach & Facilitator

Our goal in Anko is to encourage our students and create self-confident professionals within respect and ethics frameworks.

My role in Anko's school is LIFE COACH and facilitator. Isupport students to address various issues such as:
• Self-improvement/personal development
• Body language - Non verbal communication
• The importance of the image and the techniques of creating positive impressions
• Change process
• The negotiating power of the dialogue
• Professional Conduct
• Professional values
• Creativity and problem solving of trading (win-win model)
• Hotel, tourism, working culture
• We operate in regulatory professional frameworks

My studies are anthropocentric with years of professional experience in education and management of educational units in Greece and abroad. I studied physical education at the University of Toronto. They followed two postgraduate degrees, the first at the Ontario Institute of Studies inEducation in the sociology of training and the second at theUniversity of London, London Institute of Education in the administration and organization of Education. My PhD in the University of the Aegean followed the subject: "Sex,management and organization of education, conflict resolution management".

Despoina Chatzidiakos

Kalliroi Manousou

Deputy Director of Anko Academy Rhodes

My life's goal was to deal with the field of education. My lovefor adult education enriched with interactive activities is thedriving force within the tourism School of Anko.

Anko creates a variety of activities involving all the school's teams; students, teachers, administrative staff along with the businesses that support our students ' career and create a family. In my work, I am helped by my in-depth studies in sociology and education combined with my long-term professional experience in the field of adult education.

I am a deputy director of Anko and I support all teams in the school, while my main concern is:
• The academic organization of curricula, the enrichment with new trends in the field of tourism and Hospitality, gastronomy, catering and Bar, beauty and Spa.
• The academic support of our instructors.
• Cooperation with professional bodies with whom wedevelop mutual partnerships.
• Organizing educational visits, events and lectures tobroaden the knowledge and competences of our students.

Anko's tourist school in Kos and Rhodes stands out for its exclusive dedication to every student and individual teacher.
For us our people and our partnerships are unique.
Welcome to Anko's family!

Kalliroi Manousou