It’s a great pleasure for us to introduce you to the world of Tourism Studies. Our goal is to provide all our students the ideal premises and the appropriate environment for their studies. Anko Academy owns two tourism schools at the islands of Kos and Rhodes.

Our fundamental and basic principles are: responsibility, respect and sensibility. These principles operate as the guidelines for qualitative education and ensures you successful Career Development!

Anko Academy was founded in 1992, providing courses at Fiscal Studies and Computer Skills courses. The first school started its operation at the island of Kos. 2011: Taking into consideration the needs of the Tourism market, we realized how important was to establish a Center for Lifelong Learning, providing intensive courses.

Ilias Epsimos

Our main concern, is to educate students adequately and to promote them to the job market. Hotel and Catering Businesses, Restaurants, Pastry Shops and Spa trust us for the recruitment of their companies!

Ilias Epsimos


In 1992 ANKO was founded in Kos. Anko for Kos was the first Private Vocational Training Institute (IVT), at a time when there was neither Public IVT on the island. The founder of Anko, Mr. Christos Epsimos, a pioneer, anticipates the trends and needs of the market and designs the newly-evolving specialty, Computerized Accounting, while a computer department also works.

1992 - Anko Academy


Anko, following a rapid development in Kos, is proceeding with the establishment of a new annex to neighboring Kalymnos. The school focuses on vocational training in various fields, from aquaculture programs to management programs. The inhabitants of Kalymnos now have the opportunity to train and develop their occupations.

1998 - Anko Academy


2011 is a year that has had a decisive impact on the shaping of today's Anko. The first Cooking and Pastry Departments started in Kos and thus the high-speed tourist education departments developed.

2011 - Anko Academy


The rapid growth of tourism and the need for businesses for skilled staff lead us to the decision to create IVT Tourist Occupations in Kos, a model school for the island's data. We develop for the first time the most popular sections of Tourism & Hospitality, Gastronomy, Aesthetics Spa.

2014 - Anko Academy


Anko, having gained a positive reputation in Dodecanese, extends to Rhodes. Rhodes, the flagship of Greek Tourism and one of the world's top destinations, needs high-quality education to constantly upgrade the quality of tourism services. In 2015, we proceeded with the establishment of the Private Vocational Training Institute, offering specialization in the fields of Management & Economics, Tourism & Hospitality, Gastronomy, Beauty & Spa and beyond, providing the labor market with fully trained and competent executives.

2015 - Anko Academy

Rhodes and Kos are among the top four tourist destinations in Greece with more than three million tourist arrivals per year.

The Anko tourism school is at the heart of tourism, where hospitality management is being developed with all the complementary services, such as gastronomy and beauty services.


Anko Student's Portal

Anko Student's Portal

We believe that Technology is a useful tool that facilitates the communication between our school and its students. In 2016, this point of view lead us to the construction of the Customized Platform Dashboard Anko Student’s portal, which was awarded at the Education Business Awards 2017 in the category “Optimum students’ experience”.

International Cooking Competition “Gastro Afyon 2018”

International Cooking Competition “Gastro Afyon 2018”

ANKO Academy represented Greece for the first time at the International Cooking Competition “Gastro Afyon 2018” and received 2 gold, 2 silver & 5 bronze medals.

Panhellenic Cooking Competition “Greek Chef 2018”

Panhellenic Cooking Competition “Greek Chef 2018”

The competition has been organized  within the exhibition “Expotrof”, in Athens. We received 8 gold, 2 silver & 2 bronze medals. We were very pleased by this competition because we had the chance to compete and we realized the high level of our Gastronomy studies.

The Burger Challenge by Delifrance 2016

The Burger Challenge by Delifrance 2016

We received the silver medal performing the burger named “The deep”. It was our first participation at a Cooking competition and an unforgettable experience.

Panhellenic Greek Chef Culinary Competition 2019

Panhellenic Greek Chef Culinary Competition 2019

Once more, the students of ANKO Academy have proved their talent and stood out  for  their professionalism and their knowledge. The students of the IVT-Technician of Cooking Art-Chef and the IVT-Bakery and Pastry Technician took part in the Greek Chef competition which was organized within the EXPOTROF 2019, Exhibition of Food and Drinks.

Detrop International Culinary Competition 2019

Detrop International Culinary Competition 2019

The Rhodians have excelled once again by proving the high Gastronomic level of our Chefs, having competed with 8 countries: Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Letonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria  and Taiwan. The students of ANKO Tourism Academy of the Dodecanese won 7 medals out of 8 entries in Detrop International Culinary Competition in Thessaloniki!


Vocational Training Institute Licence

Anko Academy is licenced as Private Institute of Vocational Training by the Mistry of Education. Number: 8761/17-7-2014, FEK 2052/B/29-7-2014.


Eoppep certification (National Organization for ther Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance)

Anko Academy "Christos Epsilon & CO. E. E" is a vocational training centre (KEK), certified by the National Organization for the certification of qualifications and vocational guidance (EOPPEP), which belongs to the Ministry of Education, former EKEPIS with Certification Code 12101140, with certified structures in Kos and FLASGA Kalymnos and with a rating of 85.52%.