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Demand for trained and certified BARISTAS is particularly high and is expected to grow even further, as increasing competition and falling consumption drive the cafes that want to remain competitive to offer high quality but affordable services.

The Barista School of ANKO Tourism Academy is the best choice for those who want to become specialists at the domain of coffee.

Briefing program

  • the history of coffee
  • the coffee tree
  • the coffee seed and its anatomy
  • the coffee and its effect on human body
  • the coffee shop and its function/management
  • basic differences between ARABICA ROBUSTA
  • coffee processing
  • Grinding and the special equipment
  • The cleaning process
  • Introduction to Latter Art Etching
  • Espresso and its differentiations
  • Frappe/ instant coffee
  • Freddo
  • Orders
  • Customer service
  • Tamping
  • The meaning of espresso
  • Extraction and brewing time
  • 3d wave of coffee

Training Program

  • Coffee grinder and its use
  • Espresso making
  • Cappuccino/latte
  • Cleaning
  • Greek coffee/brewing coffee /hot chocolate drink
  • Degustation

Degree-Certificate Barista Basic

All of  our graduates receive after examinations, a Lifelong Learning Centre Certificate of Study  which is also recognised abroad in two languages, Greek and English