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A seminar specializing in the timeless trend of Coffee with alcohol.

It is about recipes which many would like to make and now is your chance for your knowledge to take off as well as your patron’s wishes, raising you profits.

To whom it is addressed

It is addressed to beginners and to advanced barista and bartenders.

The aim of the seminar

  • A better understanding of the combination (coffee – alcohol)
  • Development of skills

Brief Program

  • Introduction, historical retrospection and where it came from
  • How to accelerate the right combination (balance)
  • Trends and recipes
  • Irish Coffee (the most popular coffee cocktail)
  • Extra tips in order to participate in a national championship

A few words about the trainer

Dimitris Baigousis is an AST trainer and member of SCA Europe. Nowadays he is a Barista trainer/quality control of the company Kudu Coffee Roasters. He has been awarded in the Competitions: Competitions 2017 runner up Hcigs 2018, runner up 2019 3rd place, Hcigs 2020 Hellenic Champion Cerze.