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Hands on seminar with Andrey Kanakin - World Champion in chocolate sculptures.

To whom it is addressed

It is addressed to professional Confectioners and Cooking Students.

Seminar Subject

  • You will learn to work with chocolate
  • You will work and practice on specific designs
  • And you will understand any issues you will face concerning the strength the stiffness, the binding, the elasticity, plasticity and fragility of the sculptures.
Furthermore, you will gain skills concerning
  • The creation of a chocolate sculpture by producing each piece of the sculpture separately.
  • The creation of a strong but at the same time elegant base for a sculpture which will have plasticity and will be in the position to withstand all the heavy parts which will be placed on it.
  • The construction of molds for chocolates out of different materials.
  •  Learning of different techniques for the creation, the adhesion, modeling, carving and spraying of the sculptures
Finally Kanakin will show you the techniques and the advice which he has gained during his professional development.

Seminar Details

Every participant will create the frog in the picture.
At the end of the seminar everyone will receive their sculpture.

A few words about the trainer

Andrey is an expert in modern international confectionery in Russia. He has studied at Lenotre, at ESPN School, the school Bellouet conseil, Academy of chocolate, School of Caramel Stephanie Klein, Course Stephanie Leroux MOF2044 “Chocolate composition”, Course Guillaume Mabileau MOF 2011.
Recently he has created his own confectionery school and workshop in Moscow where his guests are world famous confectioners conducting Masterclasses of the highest standard.
Holder of many medals
2013 – Silver Medal in the Russian competition “World Chocolate Masters”
2014 – Silver Medal in the competition “Moscow Confectioner 2014”
2015 - Gold Medal in the Russian competition “World Chocolate Masters”
2015 – Winner of the world competition Chocolate Masters 2015 in the category “Or Noir”
2019 – Gold Medal in the Competition “Coupe du monde de la patisserie”