Thodoris Moisidis, creative and original confectioner, creates special fine dining sweets using seasonal fruits and local products. Classic recipes are transformed with unprecedented textures and presentations.

To whom it is addressed

Professional Chef, Pastry Chef, and sophomore students and Graduates

Brief Schedule

  • Strawberry ganache
  • Pistachio mousse
  • Hibiscus syrup
  • Peanut sponge cake
  • Strawberry osmosis
  • Yoghurt sorbet
Walnut Pie
  • Namelaka caraïbe
  • Ice cream cinnamon -carnation or caramel
  • Nougatine crue
  • Pudding orange-salt
  • Caramelized walnuts
  • Choco syrup
  • Confit oranges
  • Ricotta mousse
  • Coffee biscuit
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Ice cream of Greek coffee
  • Namelaka bitter almond
  • Orange cream
  • Caramelized pastry sheet
  • Parfait pistachio
  • Spice pudding
  • Pistachio  foam
  • Salt biscuit
  • Blackberry ganache
  • Florin pepper pudding
  • Cremeux calingo
  • Cremeux dulcey
  • Steam cake
  • Namelaka pepper
  • Sorbet framboise 
  • Almond sablee
  • Lemon cream
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Basil pudding
The seminar takes place in the form of Demonstration with a tasting.

A few words about the speaker

Pastry chef Thodoris Moisidis began in the early 2000s when Christoforos Peskias gave him the opportunity to highlight his talent in the art of confectionery.
He studied alongside Joel Robuchon who introduced him to the early French confectionery at SEIZE U SEIZE with 3 Michellin stars in Paris as well as at the Metropolitan Hotel, also with 3 Michellin stars in Monaco.
In his CV there are seminars in France, Spain and America. Lyon Valrhona/Madrid Fusion/Washington DC (U.S.A) Ferran Adrian
Some indicative restaurants along his way are Selini, Hytra, ''48 The Restaurant, Metropolitan Hotel, Joël Robuchon with 3 Michelin stars and VAROULKO with 1 Michelin star where he is up to this date.