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Andrey Kanakin will wander you around the world of pure flavors, light combinations, exquisite decorating ideas and the ideal ingredients composing the perfect dessert. The Russian Pastry Champion, will share his experience and he will teach us how to create exceptional sweets. The seminar is ideal for introducing new desserts at any patisserie, banquet, catering or companies that organize events.

A Unique performance in Greece!

The main goal of the seminar is the presentation (demo) of alternatively modern sweets like cakes, petit gateaux, gateaux de voyage.

Target audience

This three-days seminar will be interesting for professionals and for new pastry chefs.


Three different types of desserts will be presented.

1. Chocolate and caramel cake (streisel, croustilant, pecan sponge, ganache tanzanie, cremue tanzanie, caramel, mousse tanzanie, glassage)
2. Strawberry-raspberry-basil cake (sponge raspberry, crumble, ganache lime-basil, compote raspberry-strawberry, mousse strawberry-raspberry)
3. Mango- coconut cake (crumble coconut-passion fruit, coconut sponge, coconut namelaka, compote mango-passion fruit ,mousse mango-passion fruit, coconut whipped ganache)
4. Lemon cake (streisel, lemon financie, lemon creme, lemon gel, lemon mousse)
5. Black current cake (caramel sponge, sable, crumble, black cirrent confi, creme milk chocolate-lemon, caramel tonka mousse, fired caramel,creme caramel)
6. Raspberry-chocolate ( chocolate sponge, streisel raspberry, confit raspberry, creme raspberry, creme chocolate-raspberry, double chocolate mousse)
7. Pear-udzy-earl grey cake ( earl grey sponge, crumble, almond creme, pear-udzy gel, milk chocolate earl grey mousse)

Individual sweets
1. petit gateau passion fruit-chocolate (chocolate sponge, syrup for sponge, passion fruit-milk chocolate ganache, confit passion fruit, milk chocolate whipped ganache)
2. petit gateau crunch vanilla (vanille-noisette sponge, vanille-noisette guanduya, soft caramel, vanilla creme, vanilla whipped ganache)
3. petit gateau raspberry-orange -nuts ( nuts-orange sponge, orange gel, nuts-orange mousse, creme raspberry, confit raspberry)
4. petit gateau tropical baba (baba pate , special syrup, coconut-lime whipped ganache, pineapple-mango confit, creme mango - passion fruit, chocolate cover)
5. petit gateau chou pineapple-lime (cracelyan, pate a chou, creme lime, pineapple jelly, coconut whipped ganache)
6. petit gateau nuts-caramel (pate a chou, praline noisette, creme with praline, nuts whipped ganache, soft caramel, nuts cover)
7. petit gateau cherry -tarragon (cherry sponge, xherry compote, whipped ganache with lime and tarragon)

Individual tartes
1. tart mango-caramel (sable, dorure, orange financier, mango-passion fruit ganache, soft caramel, whipped caramel ganache)
2. tart banane-lime (sable, pekan madlen, banane gel, creme banane - passion fruit, caramel whipped ganache)

A few words for Andrey Kanakin

The purpose of the seminar is to present various modern desserts like cakes, petix gateau, gateaux de voyage.

Andrey is the expert person in International Modern Pastry in Russia. He has graduated from Lenotre, ENSP School, School Bellouet Conseil, Academy of Chocolate, School of Caramel Stephanie Klein, Course Stephanie Leroux MOF2044 “Chocolate composition”, Course Guillaume Malibeau MOF 2011.

He has founded recently his own Pastry Academy and Laboratory in Moscow. His guests are International known pastry chefs, running high-level Masterclasses.

2013- Silver medal in the Russian competition, entitled “World Chocolate Masters”.
2014- Silver medal in the competition entitled “Moscow Confectioner 2014’”.
2015- Gold medal in the Russian competition entitled “World Chocolate Masters”.
2015- Winner of the world competition entitled “Chocolate Masters 2015” in category “Or Noir”.