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Top High-Speed ​​Barber Courses with a Professional License

The men's hairdressing and grooming industry is exciting and expanding rapidly, making barbers with knowledge, professional skills and qualifications in high demand. The fast-paced program of LLCC Anko consists of a complete course of haircuts and men's care, focuses on the student, teaching modern and traditional techniques. They study theoretical aspects and apply them during practical evaluation tasks. Barber students will receive a recognized barber degree and hairdresser-barber certification from EOPPEP. The courses are taught by talented teachers and experts, methodically building the current professional hairdresser of a high level. At the same time, communication skills are cultivated for optimal customer service, thus increasing the commercial performance of a Barbershop company. The educational program follows the professional outline of EOPPEP.

Brief Schedule

Technical Laboratory Part
• Men's Styling
• Haircut Preparation and Diagnosis - Suggestion
• Gray Coverage
• Basic Principles of Haircut
• Haircut with Degrees
• Men's Commercial Haircuts
• Fashion Trends in Men's Haircut
• Personality
• Dermatology & Hair Structure and type
• Shaving & Beard Care - Modern Barbering - Old School Haircuts
• Free Hand Technique
• Modern Techniques (Twist Cut, Slide Cut, Channel Cut)
• Demo Day (Duration 2 hours)
• Buzz Cut
• Hair Tattoo
• Haircut with Machine, Flossing Scissors, Razor
• Men's Hairdressing Organization - Marketing
• Customer Card
• Importance of Customer Repetition
• Allergy Test & First Aid
• Use of Tools
• Pointcut technique

Barber shaving - Workshop
• History of Wet Shaving
• Men's Skin
• Facial Hydration - Massage and Treatments
• Products and Benefits
• Beard Care - Mustache
• Shaving Technique with Bevel
• Professional Use of Hot and Cold Towels and their Benefits
• Tools and its Hygiene
• Internship in Live Models
• Royal Shave

Theoretical part
• English
• Suitable Hairdressing Machines
• Communication Techniques and Customer Psychology
• Basic Principles of Customer Service
• Hairdressing technology
• Dermatology Elements
• Computer details
• Business Organization and Management and Accounting Data
• Materials Tool Technology
• Techniques and Materials for disinfection of hairdressing tools
• New Products and Application Methods in Hair Loss, Hairstyle, Cutting and Dyeing
• Practical Knowledge of Chemistry
• Basic Principles of Health and Safety in the workplace
• Use of modern hairdressing software packages
• Basic knowledge of workplace selection and configuration 

The following are required for the issuance of the license:

• Attendance of this vocational training program lasting a 6-month school year, at the Anko certified Lifelong Learning Center
• Certificate of competence of EOPPEP, after attending the training program. The certificate of competence is obtained by examinations at the EOPPEP.
• Proven twenty-four (24) months of previous service in the relevant profession, which was acquired before or after graduation or during the study and before the certification exams of EOPPEP, and certification by EOPPEP.

Extra Benefits

  1. Free Job Promotion Seminar, CV, Job Seeking Techniques
  2. Participation in Career Days organized by the school to facilitate the employment of its students. The school undertakes to promote all graduates in employment.