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The curriculum methodically builds the skills and knowledge required by today’s high-standard professional hair stylist.

Brief Schedule

  • Use of Tools
  • Men’s Styling
  • Haircut Preparation –Diagnosis – Proposals
  • Covering of Grey Hair
  • Basic Principles of Haircuts
  • Haircuts in Degrees
  • Men’s Commercial Haircuts
  • Fashion Trends in Men’s Haircuts
  • Face Reading
  • Dermatology and Hair Structure
  • Shaving & Beard Grooming – Modern Barbering Methods – Old School haircuts
  • Pointcut Technique
  • Free Hand Technique
  • Modern Techniques (Twist Cut, Slide Cut, Channel Cut)
  • Demo Day (Duration 2 hours)
  • Buzz Cut
  • Hair Tattoo
  • Haircut with Clippers, Shears, Razor
  • Organization of a Male Salon – Marketing
  • Client Files
  • The Importance of Repeat Clients
  • Allergy tests – First Aid
  • History of Wet Shaving
  • Male Skin
  • Facial Hydration – Massage and Therapies
  • Products and Benefits
  • Grooming of Beard – Moustache
  • Shaving Techniques with a Straight Razor
  • Professional Use of Warm and Cold towels and their Benefits
  • Tools and their Hygiene
  • Practice on Real Models
  • Royal Shave


All of  our graduates receive after examinations, a Lifelong Learning Centre Certificate of Study  which is also recognised abroad in two languages, Greek and English