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In the Professional Makeup section of Anko Tourist Academy, the student acquires knowledge in professional Makeup skills.

We invite you to the wonderful world of beauty. At Anko Academy we have created a complete professional makeup program, ideal for any trainee who wishes to be effectively involved in the theoretical and technical level, getting all the secrets of professional makeup and learning all the classical but also modern techniques. A wide curriculum with a variety of materials, specially designed for when graduating to be able to know in-depth the makeup art and confidently move on a professional level.

Briefing program

  • Development of make up through centuries
  • Dealing with differnt skin types for a successful makeup
  • Chromatography, Basic principles, shades, cold and warm, color combinations according to the color cycle
  • How to use tools and materials
  • Facial Morphology-Scheme Analysis – Facial Characteristics
  • Covering makeup (tattoo, hemangioma etc.). Neutralizing dichromate skin
  • Contouring-face contours (using creamy and powdery products)
  • Eyebrow makeup, ideal shape according to the structure of the eyes and face
  • Ideal lips
  • Application of the most important techniques of eye makeup
  • Blending-erasing, all the secrets for a perfect result
  • Linear pattern
  • Smokey eyes
  • Glamorous make up 50s
  • Color make up (shades, pigments, glitter)
  • Cut crease
  • Make-up in the media-instagram, facebook
  • Wedding make up. Client management approach, professional ethics-behavior
  • Makeup according to age
  • Light management, heat light and ideal lighting conditions for taking a makeup
  • Fake eyelashes, single-piece and individual

Degree-Certificate Professional Make up Artist

All of  our graduates receive after examinations, a Lifelong Learning Centre Certificate of Study  which is also recognised abroad in two languages, Greek and English