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Department for the issue of a License to Practice

Nail art is a pleasant way to cultivate your artistic and creative side, making a career by showing your talents! If you want to stand out as a professional, follow Anko's certified program to obtain a Professional License with multiple benefits. In accordance with the new legislative provisions passed for the License to Exercise the "Foot Care Technician – Manicure Penticure" 4821/2014 (Government Gazette 160) & 4386/2016 Article 42, 4512/2018 Article 244: The person concerned is required to certify the adequacy of the EOPPEP after attending an Educational Cycle of Studies in a Certified Centre for Lifelong Learning and corresponding examinations and experience with 24 months' stamps. Watch the enriched program of Lifelong Learning Center of Anko and make your dreams come true. Lifelong Learning Center of Anko is a Certified Centre with many years of experience in the implementation of vocational training programs.

To whom it is addressed

  • People who want to learn the art
  • People who want to get permission to start their own business.
  • People who have attended the basic seminar and want to enrich their knowledge

Program Purpose

  • To meet the requirements relating to the issue of a licence to practise as a Nail Technician
  • If you do not wish to issue a license, and you wish to work as a technician, you can just watch the Manicure-Penticure-Onychoplasty program at a rapid pace.
  • Procedure for the issue of new license: Valid from May 2016. The school cannot commit until when this licensing procedure will apply.

Brief Schedule

  • English (Terminology)
  • Computer Usage*
  • Dermatology
  • First Aid - Occupational Health & Safety
  • Cosmetology
  • Manicure - Penticure (technical part)
  • Nail Prosthetics - Onychoplasty (technical part)
  • Psychology - Professional Ethics
  • Artistic Nails (technical part)
  • Therapeutic Manicure - Penticure
  • Shop Organization – Marketing

*In the computer use course students will be able to be certified by Vellum

The following are required for the issue of the licence:

  • Attendance of a 6-month vocational training program at an Anko certified Lifelong Learning Centre.
  • Certificate of competence of the E.O.P.P.E.P., after the follow-up of the training program. The certificate of competence is obtained by examinations at the EOPPPEP.
  • Proven experience of twenty-four (24) months in the profession concerned, acquired before or after graduation or during the course of study, and certification by the E.O.P.P.E.P.


For more information, interested parties can contact the Licensing and Regulation Department of the Department of Commerce, Energy and Industry of the Municipality of Rhodes, in Leof. Eleftherias 51 Kremasti, tel. 22413 61634