A complete and flexible program of studies at Business Administration. The program is ideal for those who have a successful career. It introduces students to the business world and to the dynamic environment of business administration. Students have the opportunity to interact with representatives of business market.

You will acquire in-depth knowledge to the following fields: Management, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Fiscal Studies, Social Media, Bank system and development of leadership skills. Graduating this program, you will have the opportunity to pursue a dynamic career and to become executives with organizational behavior attributes, innovative way of thinking and entrepreneurship.

Career Prospects

The graduates could be occupied at different job positions both at public and private sector. More specifically, they can work as executives at the following:


  • Retail businesses
  • Logistics
  • Hotels-Tourist Businesses-Tourist agencies
  • Industries
  • Service providers
  • Banks, stock broking companies
  • Tax offices, minister of Finance, chambers
  • Shipping Companies
  • Accounting and Finance Departments
  • Marketing Department, Public Relations Department, Sales and HR Department

BA Degree
Graduates that participate at the State Certification Examination to obtain the State Vocational Training Diploma can continue their studies at BA level, in Greece and abroad.

Duration of Studies

The course is two-year long (4 academic semesters + internship). The program starts either in November or in February.

Indicative Learning Units


  • Finance
  • Law
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Statistics
  • Business Administration
  • Transactions
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Fiscal practices and applications
  • Fiscal policy
  • Cost finance
  • Public relations
  • Word processing
  • Contemporary office environment
  • Payrolls
  • Services marketing
  • HR Management
  • Spread sheets
  • Internship

Extra-curricilar for ANKO Students


  • Leadership management
  • Internet marketing Social media
  • English for Business

Terms of Participation

The most important term, is to love management, communication and to have a managerial and administrative profile.


The graduates of EPAS Vocational School, EPAL Vocational Upper Secondary School, TEL Technological Vocational School can be placed directly at the 3rd semester of studies. The graduates must have attended a specialty from the field of Business and Economics.


The internship is compulsory for the students of the program. The duration is of 6 months and the trainees should complete 960 hours of attendance at the workplace. The internship should start at the end of the first year of studies. During the internship, students enhance their skills and otain the necessary working experience. They have the ability to work as interns either at the public or at the private sector.

Students can be excluded from this obligation, if they have 120 insurance stamps in the job market. Also, the students that have worked at least 40 days as professionals, this occupational period is calculated.


During the semester, mid-term and final examinations are carried out. Upon successful completion of the study at IEK ANKO, graduates obtain a Certificate of Vocational Training, which is a secure investment for their professional career and development.

Afterwards, graduates can, if they have completed their internship or regular work in a related specialty with their studies, to pass a State Certification Examination to obtain the State Vocational Training Diploma which:

  • is valid in Greece and other European Union countries as a Level 4 Vocational Training (Law 4186/2013, Article 25, paragraph 1e), corresponding to Level 5 in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework. Graduates, with the acquisition of this diploma, have the opportunity to continue their studies in Greece and abroad.
  • is awarded by the Ministry of Education following a successful participation in the certification examinations of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP). The graduates of all IEK, public and private have the right to attend these exams.
  • is equivalent to the Public IEK Diplomas.

Finally, IEK ANKO graduates as holders of this Diploma are eligible to participate in the ASEP competitions (PD 50/27/2001 Government Gazette 39 / A / 5-3-2001 Presidential Decree 347/2003 , Government Gazette 115 / Α '/ 31-12-03), and are awarded 150 points (Article 8 of Law 3051/2002, Government Gazette 220 / Α / 20-9-02).

Supporting Documents

1. ID (for foreigners a residence permit is required)
2. TIN Nb
3. Color ID Photos (2)
4. Color ID Photos for a Student Pass (2, optional)
5. Title of studies (Lyceum, baccalaureate, or TEE)
CAUTION! A degree is not required for intensive courses at the Center For Lifelong Learning
6. Social Security number (AMKA)
7. Certificate from the Social Insurance Organization or equivalent Public Service stating past employment (optional if available)<br />
8. Family Status Certificate