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Selling is an integral part of running a business.

Successful selling is not a blind flight path. In fact it is a structured set of systems that all good professionals learn.

Seminar Purpose

This seminar aims to train potential and already sellers in effective sales techniques, customer service both in-store and after sales service. The techniques are applied appropriately to all kinds of stores from luxury to more main stream stores selling products and services.

Concise program

  • Sales techniques. The steps of the sale

a. Competition study

b. Welcome recommendation

c. Diagnosis of needs

d. Create Sympathy with the Customer

e. Company Presentation - Unique Competitive Advantage

f. Product/service presentation
            i. Common errors

            ii. Create value for the customer

            iii. The words that “sell”

g. Management of Objections

h. Closing the sale

i. Organize sales time


  • Body language. Presentation of the shop and the staff.
  • Customer Service, Body Language
  • Customer Loyalty Techniques
  • After sales service
  • Cross selling – up selling

Educational Methods

Sales techniques are built step by step with the Role playing method. This achieves the maximum assimilation of techniques, self-control and self-evaluation as well as the overall change in the behavior of the seller and our perception of successful sale.


Each trainee is also invited to carry out exercises on the techniques in each course, in order to methodically build his own sales manual according to the type of business.


Graduates receive, after examinations, a Certificate of Studies of the Centre for Lifelong Learning recognized abroad, in 2 languages Greek and English.