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The seminar is a new presentation that concerns Modern cooking, development and validation of the theory “Beyond recipes and their ingredients”.

The purpose of the seminar is to give the trainer the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and information and to introduce the right way of using the modern ingredients in Molecular Gastronomy. There will be a detailed performance of Sous Vide and its basic principles. Appliances and methods of extraction will be presented as well as the way of the each one’s utility. Last but not least, the presentation will be enclosed by the basic principles and utility of fermentation. The laboratory “Giafka” will sponsor some of the supplies to our Academy.


The seminar will be conducted with the cooperation of the laboratory Giafka r&d studio, presenting an educational program only for professional Chefs.

Oriented towards professional chefs having any experience or not at Molecular Gastronomy.


  • Basic principles of Sous vide cooking
  • Technology of Hydrocolloids and producing food textures
  • Analyze anti- griddle techniques and their utility
  • Extractions, tools and measuring instruments.
  • Introduction in fermentation

Recipes will be presented

  • Yogurt reverse sphere, cumin, apple cider, beetroots
  • Black cauliflower, eel, pork skin
  • Salmon, puree topinampur, beet, fish skin, squid consommé
  • Pork Loin , sweet potato, tea
  • Chicken fillet, burned corn puree, Kombucha Hollandaise , carrots, onion glace
  • Fruit salad, tiger milk, roasted peach sorbet, quince, pineapple leather
  • Textures of chocolates
  • Hazel confits, chocolate, beetroots

Details about the seminar

The seminar lasts for 2 days, starts at 10:00 a.m., ends at 16:00 p.m. each day.

A few words about the chef

The laboratory Giafka and the founder of the Food Technologist, R D Chef Dimitris Kontaratos work with the most modern methods and techniques, that are utilized in high level international cuisine and bars, in order to be presented at the professionals. Starting his research from testing kitchen Lab of NOMA (Copenhagen), after his cooperation with other colleagues, he has reinforced the collaboration in Greece and abroad, regarding research and development. He works with an ultramodern equipment and provides educational services, as main reason to make known and to develop the classic and modern techniques and ingredients.