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Techniques of Revenue Management
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Techniques of Revenue Management

The lecture “Techniques of Revenue Management” organized by Anko Academy Rhodes was successful and interactive.
The lecture that took place on the 12th of February by Mr. Anastasakos Giorgios, was interesting and original.
The proposition had the support of the chamber of Dodecanese and there was a strong participation with members of Tourism and scholars of our Academy.
Mr. Anastasakos, the Revenue Manager at the hotel chain “Radisson Hotels Group” in Dubai, described successfully the Revenue Management, setting as a goal the maximization of the potentiality and the enhancing of the revenues in a business. Afterwards, he created new and productive ideas for simple and successful techniques of Upselling in all departments of a hotel and customize these techniques.
Main tasks, that it is worth to remember:
  • To ask for the wish of a customer, not to hypothesize, not to offer complimentary services at an unpleasant customer, if it is not necessary. The customer may require expressing his complaints and we may need to apologize.
  • At the sites of our hotels, we should provide guidance due to the customer may visit our place because of the destination and not the hotel.
  • The sales increase results from the good cooperation between the departments of a hotel.
The “Revenue Management” method responds to the procedure of reserves distribution to the suitable customer, depending on the demand and the right moment in order the income increase of a business.
Decisions for the most productive customers’ combination are taken by the evaluation of Revenue Management. This combination will offer a daily overbooking in the highest rate.
We warmly thank Mr. Anastasakos for his unique presentation.
We congratulate all members of Hospitality and Business as well as the teachers and scholars of all schools associated in Tourism for their will to get more educated and their interaction.
We thank the scholars of our Academy, particularly the department of Hotel Management for the service, the department of Pastry Tecnhician for the treats. We also thank the Coffee plus company and the Chamber of Dodecanese.