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Christmas Party at ANKO Rhodes 2019
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Christmas Party at ANKO Rhodes 2019

The internationally awarded Tourist School ANKO gave another spectacular Christmas party at the Scholarship Delivery Ceremony
For the 5th consecutive year, ANKO's excellent students created and crafted an event that exceeded all expectations with the inspiration of their teachers! The purpose of the event was the experiential learning of all aspects of catering, hospitality and aesthetics, through an event of large dimensions.
The opening kick of the event was given with the honorary Award of scholarships. ANKO, having as a fundamental value the recognition of zeal and perseverance that characterizes the finest students of each specialty, honored them with a monetary scholarship.
The main part of the festival was launched with a spectacular ballet, where the dancers were transformed by the Beauticians Department with the use of bodypainting and the Hairdressing department with dreamy hairstyles. The ballet began with the famous figure of the fairytale Frozen, followed by haunted trees and rock figures with painted lace and was accompanied with the impressive sounds of the violinist, Eirini Katavenakis.
The whole event and the service of the event was provided by the departments of Hotel Management. Hotel Management's specialty has been awarded with a gold medal in the competition of the European organization Eurodhip with the theme the Startup Challenge in Hospitality Industry.
An elaborate buffet of food and sweets was created by the school's Culinary and Confectionery department, in original flavors, combinations of rare materials and impressive décor. ANKO has been awarded with the Best School of the Year Award in the Art of culinary and pastry at the international Detrop competition.
Themed cocktails with elements of molecular techniques were offered from the Bartenders of the school while all were impressed by the glamorous decoration of the buffet and the room in white and silver colors with the imagination of our Chef Antonis Koronaios. Everyone at ANKO has the ability to unfold and showcase their talents to the fullest.
The event took place in the Vergina Hall, was attended by more than 700 guests, students, their friends and relatives, professors with their families and graduates. At the same time the event was honored by the presence of representatives of local authorities and institutions such as Mr. Christos Bardos, Mr. Georgios Matzigos from the club of hotel managers of Rhodes, chef Nikos Christoforou as president of the Chefs club, the representatives of the political office of Mr. Ioannis Pappas and the administration of the newspaper Rhodiaki, while the event was also attended by the general manager of ANKO Mr. Christos Epsimos.
The final result of this wonderful feast is owed to the work of our professors who worked with passion and love for the impeccable organization, with special flavors and perfect spectacle. We thank our chefs, Antonis Koronaios, Iraklis Bakalis, Vangelis Morfinos, Michalis Stalas, Georgios Karagiannis, Georgios Ftaklas, Pastry Chef Kyriakos Varnavas, Lazaros Hatzisavvas and Kostas Savvis, Bartender Panagiotis Aggelou for the themed cocktails with molecular techniques, Bartender Dina Nikolitsi at the reception with Christmas infusions, Makeup artist Despina Konstantellakis who curated the whole concept of the ballet and the visual arts, the teachers of hairstyling Stamatia Palli and Anastasia Frindiskagia. While the festive climate was created with the music of Dj Loukas Toubakis.
We warmly thank the companies that supported the event so lovingly and provided services and materials:
  • Dance School Mrs Velidakis
  • Decent Bar with Panagiotis Aggelou
  • Play café with Stavris Chrysohoos
  • Coffee plus with Dinos Agadakis
  • Photographer Makos Tsimettas
  • Nova Vita company with Despoina Saltouridou
On behalf of the entire ANKO educational community
The Director of ANKO Rhodes
Mrs Stergia Epsimos