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Eurhodip 2019 Magazine
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Eurhodip 2019 Magazine

Anko academy plays a leading role in the annual publication of  Eurhodip International Association magazine. The instructors of ANKO academy ,Ms Anastasia Orfanoudaki , MrDimitris Kontaratos and Mr Giannis Vrettakos have written scientific articles that have been published in Eurhodip 2019 Magazine! The topics of the articles have awakened the interest of the International Educational Association. More specifically, our instructors have presented us with the following articles:
  • Hippocrates of Kos, the father of Medicine
Anastasia Orfanoudaki, Dietician-Nutritionist, Instructor at ANKO academy in Rhodes
  • The contribution of herbs to the art of Bakery
Ioannis Vrettakos,Bakery Chef, Instructor at ANKO academy in Kos
  • Food Knowledge
Dimitris Kontaratos, Food Technologist, R&D Chef, Instructor at ANKO academy in Rhodes
The aim of the articles is to emphasize the contribution of Hippocrates and his Theory in gastronomy. What is more, the contribution of Food knowledge and its importance in the field of gastronomy are presented through Mr Kontaratos' article.
ANKO academy, the No1 Tourism Academy of the Dodecanese, is constantly trying to develop and improve. Our main priority is the upgrading of our curricula and the international recognition of the academy.
And the journey goes on!