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Gastronomy is part of the national tourism marketing planning
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Gastronomy is part of the national tourism marketing planning

A pleasant surprise was the recent post in Diavgeia by the Ministry of Tourism for the establishment of a working group that will focus on promoting gastronomic tourism in Greece. The project of the Group is the upgrading of the gastronomy offered by our country as well as its integration in the national tourism marketing planning.
More specifically, he will deal with the following:
  • Coding of international experience in terms of offering gastronomic products in the tourist market.
  • Evaluation of today's gastronomic offer of Greece.
  • Elaboration of a detailed plan for the formation and promotion of an upgraded variety of raw materials and products of excellent quality that the country has in combination with the Mediterranean diet as the optimal model of healthy eating that will contribute to improving Greece's competitive position.
  • Planning new activities for the development of Gastronomic Tourism. The promotion of the existing program of the Ministry of Tourism entitled "Special Quality Mark for Greek Cuisine", at National and International level.
  • Institutionalization of the conditions for the development of this tourist product and the promotion of its certification.
  • Development of the regional plan for the promotion of a gastronomic map where the local cuisines will be displayed in combination with the utilization of new technologies.
The ultimate goal of the Working Group, which consists of important and remarkable executives, is to make gastronomy a long-term one of the first three reasons why tourists, Greeks and foreigners, will choose our country as a holiday destination.