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The ANKO MEMBER card holder agrees to the following:

  • The card is not credit or debit. The cardholder may not make any transactions with the card, but shall only be entitled to such privileges as will be made available from time to time by ANKO. Under no circumstances may the card and the privileges provided by the card be refundable.
  • The membership card is activated by signing it and handing it over to the ANKO student participating in the privilege program. It also grants the holder privileges for as long as the benefit plan is in force.
  • Businesses participating in the franchise program are listed on the school's website www.anko.edu.gr, as they are notified to students periodically in the same manner as above.
  • ANKO has the right at any time to modify or abolish the franchise program and its terms (in whole or in part), without prior notice to the cardholder and without its consent.
  • The cardholder can use the card in all affiliated companies participating in the franchise program.
  • The membership card is personal. The card is used by the holder of the card by displaying his police ID or other proof of identity.
  • The card is also used by first-degree relatives by displaying his / her police identity of the relative or other evidence of his / her identity.
  • The card gives its holder privileges for as long as the privilege program is in effect. ANKO reserves the right to vary the time period at its sole discretion.
  • ANKO reserves the right to terminate the contract with the holder at any time, without notice or justification, or to prohibit any use of the card.
  • If for any reason ANKO modifies part of the use of the card or partially or completely terminates the privilege program, the holder has no claim against ANKO, provided that by signing the application and accepting these terms, it recognizes that this is a privilege program, which is granted solely by ANKO's freedom and may at any time be modified or terminated, otherwise has waived its request and accepted these terms and conditions.
  • ANKO is under no obligation to the cardholder for any default or incorrect fulfillment of the obligations of affiliated companies or stores.
  • The cardholder is obliged to return the card at its first request to ANKO, keep it, keep it in good condition.
  • The holder has the right, whenever he wishes, to request the deletion of his data, to return the ANKO card and to declare that he no longer wishes to participate in the Company's benefits program.
  • The membership card and the franchise plan only apply to Rhodes.