The final results and the choices of the educational programs have been published

Anko Academy, true to its vision for the provision of high quality education and in the framework of the operation of the Office of The Unemployed Support of the Dodecanese by the Lifelong Learning Center of Anko, implements in all its facilities, Kos, Rhodes, Kalymnos and Leros, the live "Subsidized Program of Public Benefit Work and Free Computer Training with Certification" with the aim of supporting reintegration into the Labour Market.

Publication of final results and selection of an educational program


The final list of beneficiaries included in the subsidized Community Service and Training Program has been published. In the context of completing the process, the selection of the educational program follows.
The program includes four working days and one training day. Training is mandatory and subsidized. Anko is by your side every step of the way to make the most of this opportunity.
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Selection Programs

The thematic subjects of theoretical training are the following:

A) Horizontal skills

  1. Basic ICT Skills (Level 1)
  2. Basic ICT Skills (Level 2l)
  3. Basic ICT Skills (Level 3)
  4. Organization & Operation of Public Services of Organizations & Businesses
  5. Horizons Foreign Language Skills in the Workplace
  6. Disaster and Crisis Management
  7. First aid
  8. Environmental Protection and Product Recycling
  9. Digital Social Networking Skills with Workplace Applications (Social Media)

B) Specialized skills

  1. Professional Cleaning / Disinfection of Public Spaces
  2. Introduction to Digital Educational Tools
  3. Machine Tool Operation
  4. Green Shaping / Maintenance Services
  5. Social Care Officer (Pain Management-Psychological Support-Elderly Care Skills)
  6. Construction Works-works of the Construction sector
  7. Risk and Crisis Management (physical, biological and technological) in Local Government Organizations

Purpose of the programme

The aim of the programme is to promote the employment of unemployed persons registered with the OAED (beneficiaries), up to 67 years of age, who have completed at least compulsory Secondary Education.
The Lifelong Learning Center Anko, with its professionalism, consistency, knowledge and experience, aims to upgrade the skills of the beneficiaries so that their participation will mean the substantial restart of their work course.

The programme includes:

  • 8 months' work in Municipalities, Regions, Social Welfare Centres of Regions or related bodies, Departments of Ministries and other bodies.
  • An individual professional counselling session in order to take into account the needs and desires of the beneficiaries.
  • Training in 150 hours of Information Technology (Information and Communication Technology) leading to Certification of knowledge after examinations in Informatics, recognized by ASEP.

Right to Participate

Unemployed persons who fall into one or more of the following categories are entitled to participate:

  • Unemployed persons, registered as unemployed by the OAED, members of families in which no member works and their spouses are registered unemployed in the OAED's registers,
  • Unemployed persons, registered as unemployed by the OAED, members of single-parent families in which no one works,
  • Long-term unemployed persons registered as unemployed by the OAED,
  • Unemployed graduates of the university and technology sector, registered as unemployed by the OAED, to fill positions based on formal qualifications,
  • Unemployed persons over the age of 29, registered as unemployed by the OAED,
  • Registered in the registers of unemployed disabled people of OAED
  • Unemployed beneficiaries of "Social Solidarity Income", registered as unemployed by the OAED.

The beneficiaries who participated in the no. 9/2017, 4/2018,8/2018, 10/2018 and 3/2019 public invitations from the OAED do Not have the right to participate.

The programme concerns stakeholders who will not work during the summer season nor have booked work in the near future

Information – Registrations

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