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Computer Skills are fundamental prerequisite for the job market. Also, this knowledge is an asset for a successful academic and professional career. At ANKO, we provide intensive courses related to computer skills and candidates can participate at Exams in order to be certified. The Certificate is accepted by the private and public sector.

Aim of the program

The program is ideal for those who want to hold a Computer Skills Certificate.

Students are trained adequately and have all the necessary skills in order to use PC comfortably.

The lessons take place at fully equipped computer labs.

Graduates can participate at exams that take place at the Anko’s premises. Anko is a certified exam center licenced by Vellum Global Educational Services.

Finally, graduates as holders of this Certificate are eligible to participate in the ASEP competitions and are awarded.

Briefing program

Microsoft Word / text processing (10h)
The students are familiarized with the most commonly used application. After the course, we will be able to write texts, to process, to format etc.

Microsoft Excel / spreadsheets (10h)
It’s one of the most useful skills that someone should have. This application is useful to any professional environment. The students learn how to organize, perform math operations, make diagrams etc.

Internet (10h)
Students understand the meaning and the use of the Internet. Also, they learn how to send/receive mails and attach documents.