Today, the elderly, having contributed so much to our society, often end up being isolated and away from their relatives and their beloved ones in general.

Advanced technology can and will make the world a smaller place. As part of ANKO’s contribution to society, we offer a training activity to minimize the digital gap and to support education and innovation.

To whom it is addressed

First of all, priority will be given to people over 65 years old.
In case, you have a touch screen mobile phone and a tablet, you are asked to bring it along so that we can train you on the applications.

Summary of the programme

  • Training on Social Media, more specifically on Facebook, Viber,Internet e.t.c.
  • Video calling
  • Use of touch screen mobile phones and  tablets


The training will be held at the premises of ANKO Tourism Academy, G.Seferi 78-80 in Rhodes.