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Tradition is wisdom, which was conquered through the course of every nation in the centuries. This long experience and all the other experiences made her endure and arrive to our days by revealing her value.

Through the daily routine and the characteristics of each era it kept and retained elements that lasted in time because they promoted authentic values. Influenced by the history of each place, its geographical location, its climate and its geophysical characteristics, it forms the cultural identity of each nation. Giving a leading role to human and his senses through the customs of tradition of each place, we find flavors, aromas, images and authentic sounds. The traditional Pontic cuisine uses simple ingredients which have not been processed and combines wisely carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The organism is not overworked with very processed foods and unknown ingredients. This diet is offered as a proposal capable of contrasting modern nutritional problems, which led to problems such as obesity, diabetes and other illnesses.

Brief Schedule

  • Sorvas (Pontic soup)
  • Havits (Winter Pontic Food)
  • Otia (Pontic dessert)
  • Pisia and Piroschi
  • Perek pie with baked crust
  • Varenika
  • Evriston-Siron (prebaked pasta)
  • Borsch