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Workshop: "Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence”
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Workshop: "Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence”

On Saturday 7 December 2019, a workshop was held with the theme "Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence", a co-organization of the Mitsis Hotels Group and the ANKO Tourist School, with the support of the Dodecanese Chamber.
"Digital tourism and education are the future," stressed the deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Manos Konsolas, while he noted that through the cooperation of the hotel group Mitsis Hotels and ANKO Tourist School, extroversion was achieved, a necessary element for progress in the business and the modern market ". Mr. Stavros Mitsis, opening the workshop, referred to the initial idea "that the Group proceeded to digital transformation of the processes with primary concern the reorganization and improvement of the quality of work of human resources". While Mrs. Stergiou Epsimos  mentioned "the challenge faced by modern generations, who are invited to be trained, move quickly, manage and assimilate the great amount of information and knowledge. Professions change, technology substitutes jobs and creates new ones that require a different range of knowledge and skills." Mr. Georgios Matiggos, president of the Association of Hotel Managers of Rhodes, pointed out that "without new technologies we cannot offer quality services either to the customers or to the staff".
The lecture began with an introduction to Technological Transformation and Artificial Intelligence by Bjorn Radde, Head of Digital Marketing at Deutsche Telecom, who talked about how the application of new technologies within enterprises can lead to structural changes and increase the value for customers and the agency. Later on, Mr. Christos Giannikopoulos, ICT Sales Division Fixed and Mobile in Cosmote, and Mrs. Virginia Papadopoulou, CEO at Yourideas, reported online platforms on artificial intelligence.
Finally, the financial director of the Mitsis Hotels Group Mr. Ioannis Lydakis, the Business Analyst Mr. Petros Eroutsos, the Senior Systems Analyst Mrs. Anthi Dimakou and the computer manager of the Group Mr. Costas Kalligas presented the successful example of the Mitsis Hotels Group, the first company in the hotel industry in Europe, which proceeded with the Intelligent Digital Management of all its operational information using the specially customized software OpenText Content Lifecycle Management.
Through a central Cloud platform, data collection and management is done more efficiently, faster and securely for all 17 hotels in the Group, contributing significantly to better customer and supply service and reducing operating costs.
With this project, the Mitsis Hotels Group has dynamically entered the new digital era, achieving significant benefits, such as maximising productivity and employee capabilities, reducing operating costs, making more efficient use of Information for strategic business decision making.
In the medium term, the extension of the solution is planned throughout the administrative and operational structure of the Mitsis Hotels Group and the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications contributing further to the smart management of hotel units and to the optimum understanding and satisfaction of the needs of the modern traveler.
Anko Tourist School
ANKO operates in the Dodecanese with 2 schools in Rhodes and Kos, with more than 7000 successful graduates in the labour market. 
The educational organization of ANKO aims to educate high quality, unrestricted knowledge and use of this knowledge in order to positively influence people's lives, organizations and societies.
This workshop is pioneering, dedicated to learning and mobilizing for change.
For the organization offered their services the departments of Hotel Management with Professor Mr. Maniskas, the department of Pastry with the Pastry chef Mr. Vassilis Meras, the Department of Cold Cuisine Cooking with chef Mr. Heraklis Bakalis, the department of Barista with the Professor Mr. Potsou and the support of the company Coffee Plus.
Mitsis Hotels Group
As the largest proprietary hotel chain in Greece, the Mitsis Hotels group pioneer in tourism for 40 years. With 17 hotels in its potential in the most beautiful destinations of the country, in Athens, Kamena Vourla, Crete, Kos and Rhodes, the group aspires to be the first hotel group in Greece to the preferences of its visitors, offering excellent services, unique locations, impeccable facilities, refined gastronomy, a wide range of choices and rich experiences to its customers. Responding with flexibly to the needs of customers and the mentality of the new generations, the Group makes the most of the family care and the authentic Greek identity to realize its vision: to transform every visitor to an honorary guest. The Mitsis Hotels Group has received a large number of awards from domestic and international tourist organizations as a recognition for the high quality of the services offered, the innovative practices, the protection of the natural environment, the promotion of local communities and their broader contribution to the upgrading of the Greek tourist product.
The presentation and coordination took place with the diligence of the journalist Mr. Vassilis Tsekouras, Open TV.
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Anko Tourist School