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Managing Complaints
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Managing Complaints

The high interest and participation exceeded all expectations in the first online lecture on "Complaints Management" held on Saturday, December 5 by Anko.
Olga Mouratidou, professor at the school and a member of the hotel industry for more than 20 years, with high demands in the department of Guest Relations, discussed with students, professors and representatives of tourism from all over Greece how we manage customer complaints and how much we can learn from dissatisfied customers.

The 149 notable participants asked key questions and provided views that constructively evolved the discussion. Ms. Muratidou developed in detail the types of customers, analyzed in depth the types of complaints, the means of filing complaints depending on the type of customer, the way of dealing so that the customer is satisfied and the company acquires a positive sign which is a timeless issue every business.

The power that the customer has acquired to create a reputation for the business, either positive or negative has gained great importance nowadays. Especially when companies rely a large part of their sales on repeaters and direct sales.

You can watch the lecture on our youtube channel:

Anko will continue to organize similar events offering knowledge and food for thought, especially at this critical time for tourism, not only in Greece, but worldwide.

For those who wish to learn more and delve into the subject of Guest Relations & Complaints Management, they can attend the full distance seminar starting on 1/18/2021.

The training program lasts one month and focuses on how important the role of public relations is in tourism businesses and how it can affect its image in relation to the customer.

You can see detailed information here:

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