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OnTour Rhodes Tourism School Press Release Report
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OnTour Rhodes Tourism School Press Release Report


The van of the OnTour Tourism School made its first stop in Rhodes, at the "Pallas 5 Cinemas Center" on Thursday, February 13th, at the invitation of the Rhodes Hoteliers Association.

The OnTour School of Tourism (STOT) is an educational, non-profit action, the national organization of which is curated by the Institute of SETE (INSETE), in collaboration with the local organizers. The action was born in 2018 and is inspired by the School of Tourism of Kalamata.
The passengers all renowned professionals in their field, passed their knowledge to over 350 participants, to a number of modern topics concerning the tourism sector and beyond. 

Mr. Andreas Zagakos Food Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of KALAMATA TOURISM SCHOOL, with his speech: "Be the Concierge of your region" indicated to us the importance of feeling and becoming real ambassadors of our regions.

Mr. Sotiris Mylonas, founder of Msolutions Management and Sustainability Solutions, talked to us about how sustainability can be achieved in hotel units through his speech, "Sustainability in Hospitality, best practices".

Ms. Leah Zambetoglou Hospitality Expert, Director of Education at the Institute of SETE, showed us techniques of Upselling/ Crosseling and tips of successful selling, through her speech: "The Magic of Upselling in the service of the tourism professional".

Dr. Iliana Katsaridou Expert in Service Excellence, pointed out to us the standards of service and why it is important that they be defined and implemented by a company, through her speech "Service Standards VS Personalized Service".

Mr. Demosthenis Brusalis General Manager of DASC Branding, informed us how we discover the identity of the destination and how we manage it correctly, through his speech: "Destination Branding; where our tourist brand is 'hidden'?”.

Mrs. Elizabeth Georgiou Work Psychologist, Coach, Psychotherapist and Founder of Be YourSelf, informed us about the similarities, differences and characteristics of customers by generation, through the speech "Generation Mix and Customer Experience".

Finally, Mr. Dimitris Serapheimidis Customer Service Expert and founder of, he told us how we effectively manage the complaints of our customers, through his speech: "How to get GOLD from the complaints of your customers!".

On Friday, February 14th, the 3 workshops took place: "Customer Experience" by Dr. Iliana Katsaridou, "Coaching & Communication" by Mrs. Elisabeth Georgiou and "Destination Branding; the image of the region in the world!” by Mr. Demosthenis Brusalis, which were attended in total by over 60 participants.

The above speeches kept the public's interest undiminished until the end, as the modern way of presenting and the interaction used, for the first time in our region at such an event, enabled the public to ask questions and also to vote on the lecturers' questions.

The local organizing team of the OnTour School of Tourism Rhodes would like to thank:

  • The staff from "Pallas 5 Cinemas Center"

our sponsors:

  • Coco – Mat
  • ANKO Tourism School ΙΙΕΚ
  • Antonis Attitis, designs
  • Carne
  • Dali
  • Coffee Plus
  • Dingo
  • Gia…giamas
  • Kanakis
  • Melina Zografou
  • Dodecanese Beekeeping
  • Multicom
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Rhodes Shop
  • Rodos Cars
  • Semiramis City Hotel
  • Skoufos


the communication sponsors:


  • Lychnari

Their help made this event possible.

Finally, a big thank you to the presenters of the event Mrs. Stergia Epsimos and Mr. Manolis Markopoulos, but also to the 12 volunteers who gave soul to the event:

  • Thoma Eleftheria
  • Pattas Nikolaos
  • Louis Sore
  • Hotza Erriko
  • Doni Irda
  • Kociaj Marsida
  • Kafetzis Georgios
  • Hatzistefanis Menandros
  • Zota Nikolaos
  • Kosta Dimiter
  • Maria Hatzinikolaou
  • Giota Sakellari