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Open (free) Online Lecture on: Which Profession Should I Choose? Career Coaching Techniques
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Open (free) Online Lecture on: Which Profession Should I Choose? Career Coaching Techniques

Lecture Content
What makes a successful career?
What are the characteristics of the new working age?
What criteria will I use to choose the next steps of my career?
At a time when other professions are being born and others are being lost, when the pandemic crisis has changed the balance of various industries, these critical questions now concern all age groups.
Choosing a career is a series of smaller decisions that add a big impact to your well-being and happiness. You can consider them as your best bets along the way, based on the information you have at the moment and keeping in mind what you can - and cannot - control.
In this context, the IEK-KDVM Anko, organizes an Open Pan-Hellenic Online Lecture on "Which profession should I choose? Career Coaching Techniques "on Saturday 10 April and speaker Mr. George Profetis PhD to give tips and instructions for the right choice of profession.
A few words about the rapporteur
Mr. Profetis has studied Business Administration (BA, MBA) in the UK and holds a degree in Life Coaching. He also holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior.
Professionally, he has served as a manager of large companies. He is also the author of articles, seminars and books ("14 Simple Life Coaching Courses", "The Talent of Success", "Small and Medium Business Administration" etc.).
Lecture Duration
The lecture will take place Live, 10: 00-12: 00 via the Zoom platform.
Target Audience
The Tourism School IIEK Anko Academy invites all interested parties, students, parents, unemployed, professionals, students and generally those who are looking for the right career guidance in their lives, to attend this very interesting lecture. Anko's goal is to support a prosperous society.
Apply now: https://bit.ly/3d9GT22
For information call 22410-62488, 22414-01016
By registering you will receive the Zoom Link for attending the lecture.