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The School of Tourism Professions ANKO, implements a complete curriculum in the field of Modern Bakery, for those who love and want to develop professionally in this creative sector.

Purpose of the programm

The aim of the program is to develop skills and acquire knowledge about the bakery industry at professional level. At the end of the program, trainees will be able to work confidently in professional bread workshops, pastry shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés.
The "Modern Bakery" curriculum will be implemented in the sophisticated ANKO Laboratories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Brief Program

  • Operation theory: machinery, tools & utensils, clothing & hygiene
  • Theory of baking: stages & conditions of baking, sourdough, raw materials
  • Getting to know raw materials, their properties and management
In the program we will produce products from the following categories:
  • White breads: white bread with sourdough, luxury margarita bread, multi-layered bread, ciabatta, brioche, French bread etc.
  • Whole-wheat breads: rye, whole, long-grain, black ciabatta, loaf, etc.
  • Rustic breads & lagana bread: corn, bun, bobota, Danish, sourdough etc.
  • Baguettes: French, with olive, beer, rye, rustic etc.
  • Aromatic breads: with herbs, with cold cuts - cheeses, with vegetables, with nuts, etc.
  • Gourmet breads: bagel, dinkel, pretzel, zoccolino, aurea etc.
  • Sweet pastries: donuts, pancakes, crepes, waffles etc.
  • Rusks and their categories: barley, rye, white, oil, heptazym rusk
  • Yeast doughs: brioche (simple and stuffed), croissants, etc.
  • International & traditional pies: handmade puff pastry, individual & baking pies, bougatsa etc.
  • Sweet bagels: Thessaloniki, vanilla, chocolate, milk etc.
  • Sweet Cracks & Cookies: fluffy, with brown sugar, chocolate, jam, traditional etc.
  • Salty bakeries - breadsticks: peinirli, pizza, kourou dough, puff pastry etc.
  • Sweet & savory cakes: stuffed, with chocolate, jam, cold cuts, cheeses, raisins etc.
  • Sweet & savory tarts: individual and baking tarts, savory and sweet etc.
  • Gluten-free bakeries
  • Sugar-free bakeries
  • Salt-free bakeries
  • Yeast-free bakeries
In addition to the curriculum, additional recipes will be produced by the school's chefs such as: burgers, sandwiches, accompanying dips, clubs and so on.


Graduates receive, after examinations, a Certificate of Studies of the Centre for Lifelong Learning recognized abroad, in 2 languages Greek and English.