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Event management in Hospitality – Principles, Practices and Trends.

The participants will be trained in the strategic planning of an event, from the original idea up to the final stage in order to give the event its complete dimensions and identity. We study real events in all their phases, from the preparation to the implementation and the actions taken after the event. Furthermore, event evaluation techniques will be taught in order to learn through mistakes.

To whom it is addressed

  • To members of businesses who manage events
  • To supervisors and team leaders who would like to discover modern and sophisticated methods of strategic event planning to maximize the performance of each event
  • To those who wish to be trained in event management so that they gain further knowledge and skills for professional development

The aim of the seminar

Excellent training of the participants in event management of different thematic events, so that their work pays off to its maximum within the scope of time and money.

Brief Program

1st Section

  • Event Management
  • Team members
  • Event Strategy.
  • Planning, building and idea
  • The variety of event types
  • The agenda of events
  • Ensuring  VIP speakers and participants
  • Budget management
  • Human resources management
  • Project management
  • Teamwork planning
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • The value of volunteers
  • The value of the invitation list
  • Ticketing & Check in

2nd Section

  • Experience
  • Crisis Management
  • Danger management & security matters
  • Corporate Attendance – Public Relations – Event
  • Corporate purposes
  • Event Branding
  • Sponsors
  • Marketing strategy
  • Gifts and awards
  • Analysis tools and result application
  • Event ROI
  • Utilize your data
  • Post Event Marketing
  • Review of goals
  • Our relationship with the Media

3rd Section

  • The branches of hospitality and events as a unison
  • Industry performance
  • Participant experience
  • Meeting destinations
  • Technology

A few words about the trainer

Dimitra Baltouna is a professional in Corporate Communication & Marketing with many years of experience in Public Relations Strategies,  Marketing, Event Management, Media & Administration. She has worked in the field of culture, sports, health, academic education & journalism.