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Occupational health and safety training in accordance with COVID-19 LEVEL B

The Seminar is an intensive Workshop in which all actions for the design, implementation and control of an Integrated Covid 19 A-Cert System are presented to hotel or catering staff. It fully covers the requirement for certification by accredited certification bodies and receipt of a certificate of the relevant training as well as a level A user certification for COVID-19. Certification substantiates that appropriate Prevention measures have been designed and applied in the Agency, i.e. that it has adequate infrastructures, appropriate spatial planning, implements the prescribed Hygiene Rules, procedures and guidelines for preventing the influx or spread of the corona virus into the premises and areas it operates and that the management of incidents that may occur is done with the right Rules. Specifically, for all operational Activities, with emphasis on personnel contact points, between them or with the Customer, Visitor, Supplier, an Action Plan is planned, based on the guidelines of all Global and Local Health Protection Agencies. Detailed Guidelines are planned for the Application of Safe Operation Rules, Infrastructure, Cleaning and Disinfection of premises, special measures for the area where a case may be detected, Operational Continuity Plan, Control Plan. The Guidelines should be continuously enriched with new updated Agency guidelines as mentioned above. Tools are provided in the form of a CheckList, and Procedures - Instructions. Participants will be given scenarios with cases of Implementation of the measures, evaluate them and find errors so that they will better assimilate the Requirements and the proper Implementation of the System.

Program’s Purpose

The Covid shield system ensures the Implementation of Covid – 19 Anti-Transmission Avoidance Measures, thus protecting the Health of Your Company's Personnel, Customers, Suppliers and Visitors and indirectly highlights your business as a High Social Responsibility Organization, inspiring confidence in Customers that in any form of contacts they will have the security measures are observed. It covers the legislative and certification requirements for those responsible per service to be trained in the individual protocol, so that they can then undertake the training of other staff.

To whom it is addressed

The Seminar is addressed to Owners, General Managers and Senior Business Executives, HRM Directors, Executives responsible for the Management of Employee Health and Safety, as well as Quality Managers. In particular, it is addressed to those responsible by department who will be trained in the individual protocol so that they can then undertake the training of other staff.

Brief Schedule

  • General Principles – Sources and how the virus is transmitted
  • Individual Hygiene Protection and Rules
  • Training - Personnel Information
  • Entrance to the Company - Customer - Reception Visitor Services
  • Maintenance & Disinfection - Warehouse Operation - Focus Areas - Auxiliary Areas - Methods and practices for cleaning and disinfecting localized points based on the risk and probability of transmission of the disease
  • Procedures for informing hotel managers and customers themselves - Maintaining training records and recruitment documentation for each employee
  • Covid - 19 Suspect Management Within Company - Behaviour and actions in the event of illness by a staff member - Methods and communication approach of visitors
  • COVID-19 System Health Control - Compliance with the basic measures to prevent transmission of the virus with regard to diligent and regular hand washing, avoidance of handshakes, distance keeping, avoidance of hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth and breathing hygiene
  • Special training COVID-19 system - service - communication with customers - payments - public spaces – transport. Specific procedures and instructions - application forms.
  • Special COVID-19 System Training – Analysis of Food Department Requirements. Specific procedures and instructions - application forms.
  • Special training COVID-19 system - analysis of housekeeping requirements - linen closet - washing machines. Specific procedures and instructions - application forms.
  • Special COVID-19 System Training – Reception Requirements Analysis. Specific procedures and instructions - application forms.
  • Special COVID-19 System Training - Maintenance Department Requirements Analysis - Swimming Pools – Spa. Specific procedures and instructions - application forms.
  • Analysis of key markings of COVID-19 forms and procedures


E-learning with the method of Modern Education. Duration 3 hours, through connection to the online platform of ANKO that has the possibility of full Interaction (Interaction), face to face communication, two-way submission of questions and interaction between participants.

Conditions of participating

  • Internet connection
  • Computer/tablet/mobile phone
  • Camera, speakers and microphone
  • You must have participated in the seminar for level A first


  • Certificate of participation in electronic form
  • Notes package in electronic form
  • Acquisition of Certification by the European Certification Agency A CERT, an organization of Control and Certification of Managing Systems and Professional Adequacy.

A few words about the lecturer

Kostas Parinos is a graduate of the Departments of Veterinary School specializing in Food Hygiene & Safety and the Chemistry Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In addition, he holds a Master's degree in Environmental Education from the University of the Aegean. He is also a Health Officer of the Hellenic Army.  Since 2009 he is a certified instructor in Food Safety and Hygiene, HACCP, Food Microbiology and EFET. He has experience as a Food Business Consultant and inspector and has a specialized laboratory of chemical and microbiological controls according to the NSYD, Dodecanese Laboratories.