Dimitris Kontaratos - FOOD TECHNOLOGIST/ R&D CHEF

Dimitris Kontaratos


Dimitris Kontaratos is a graduate of the School of Food Technology of the Technical Vocational Institute of Thessaloniki, has extensive experience in quality systems and food safety management systems. He is an instructor on Food Hygiene and safety with a rich educational professional work.

After graduating from the public vocational school IEK worked in Germany (Frankfurt and Munich) in the well-known company Kofler & Kompanie - Event Catering and in the popular events The Pret A Diner 'The Tree House' and Pret A Diner 'The Director's Cut' with chefs Nuno Mendes , Juan Amador, Matthias Schmidt, Tim Raue and Ollysan Oliver.

Working in the NOMA Kitchen test in Copenhagen with Chef Rene Redzepi is a great gastronomic station.

Inspirer of the creative team "Dirty Dishes" and founder of the educational and research studio for gastronomy and bar GIAFKA (GIAFKA). Having the main idea that cooking is a technology, it aims at the continuous evolution of the space and collaborates with people of gastronomy and the bar for new trends and new materials with professionals inside and outside Greece.

He worked as a Chef from 2013 to 2016 at Gastropub "The Black Adder pub".

From 2016-2018 he has taken over the support of the Rattan cuizine & cocktail restaurant and scientific and technological partner of Baba Au Rum (in the 50 best cocktail bars in the world).

In 2018, within the Gourmet department of ANKO, he publishes his first book entitled THE GASTROBOOK which is the training manual and in 2019 he publishes a second book entitled "Relativity i / t in a bag", an important Sous Vide cooking aid.

From 2020 Executive Chef at Lindos Blu Luxury Suites, 2017-2019 Chef at the hotel Esperos Blue Village & Spa, and from 2015 as a teacher at ANKO Rhodes, teaching theoretical and laboratory courses at IIEK and the fast-paced department of Gourmet. as well as holds many seminars in Greece and abroad promoting new trends and technology in both the kitchen and the bar.