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With the completion of the training in the Organization & Operation of Linen &Laundry Department of the School of Tourism Business Administration Anko, participants will be able to: Organize and operate the linoleum & washing machines of a hotel unit, to be able to effectively select the linens of all types of hotel, to control and manage the linens of the hotel unit, at all stages of the operation of the business , manage all types of linen and be aware of their cleaning and storage processes, be able to record and make inventory of the linens of the company based on initial objectives , know sewing & fashion of the linen as well as their destruction & alteration.

To whom it is addressed

The program is aimed at floor managers, floor managers assistants, maids and hotel cleaners.

Brief Schedule

• Linen case - Washing machines spatial configuration
• Organization chart of linen - laundry in small & large hotel unit
• Qualifications, responsibilities &; duties of linoleum - laundry staff
• Mechanical equipment
• Presentation of Protel Housekeeping (management application of the housekeeping department)
• Linen procedures when clothing is washed in or out of the hotel
• Clothing at the hotel
• Selection & supply of clothing – dimensions
• Create inventory by item
• Weaving articles & the endurance of fabrics
• Clothing management: collection of waste - washing - distribution of clean clothing - storage
• Linen case forms (production - quality control)
• Detection & removal of stains - instructions for proper washing
• Customer laundry management & uniform management
• Clothing control & thread meter use
• Tailor - Equipment, Destruction or Processing, Introduction to Modistric (sewing machine function)


Graduates receive, after examinations, a Certificate of Studies of the Centre for Lifelong Learning recognized abroad, in 2 languages Greek and English.