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The world of beauty is constantly evolving with new techniques and new kinds of styling. Fashion trends follow eyebrow trimming therefore Eyebrows Artists are considered to be sought after professionals in the job market.

Following the integrated Microblanding Tattoo Eyebrow seminar of Anko Tourism Academy and under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you are trained in an innovatory method with a 100% natural result. Through specialized semi-permanent make up techniques, you will be able to paint thin hair while using a crystal clear and three dimensional effect and giving impeccable professional results to every face. The program is addressed to professionals or not, Make-up artists, Aestheticians and Eyebrows artists.

Theoretical content

  • The history of tattoos
  • European legislative framework of tattoo-semi-permanent makeup
  • Tattoos and permanent or semi-permanent makeup (definitions) - Aesthetic and medical applications
  • Tools and substances (material and technical equipment)- Skin health and hygiene conditions.
  • Client history. Indications and contraindications. Skin physiology. Tattoo complications and tattoo removal.
  • Shape and colour selection-Techniques
  • Client care and contact after the application-Social Networking Marketing