Mr. Nikos Peros, general manager of Esperia Hotels in Rhodes, will educate us on issues which call the attention of all entrepreneurs in the food industry and their staff.

To whom it is addressed

The program is addressed to the members of the SEPE Kos and those who wish to become members of the Association.

A few words about the lecturer

Mr. Nikolaos Peros, Operations & Training Consultant of ESPERIA GROUP HOTELS, has studied Tourism in a high level. He was a lecturer at ASTER (Higher School of Tourist Professions of Rhodes) for 19 years. At the same time, he has a long tenure in the hotel and food sector and has worked in all relevant positions (Hotel General Manager, Operations Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Maitre D' Hotel, Assistant Restaurant Manager, A la Carte Maitre, A la carte Waiter A')
The seminar is co-organized by the Private Institute of Tourism Professional Education ANKO and the Kos Catering Business Association (SEPE Kos) and is provided completely free of charge.
Register in time. Seats are limited and running out! (info: 6944989999)
In the comments write the business you belong to.