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Training program for workers and unemployed with an allowance of 200€. Immediate submission of applications.

The Anko Lifelong Learning Centre, with the aim of continuously empowering and evolving the employees of the Dodecanese, will implement the new OAED subsidised training programs for unemployed and small business workers under the LAEK 1-49 action.

Purpose of the programme

The aim is to train existing and potential workers in new subjects. The programme shall not burden the business or the trainees. On the contrary, each trainee, in addition to the certificate of attendance, receives a grant of 200 euros for their participation, deposited directly from the OAED into a personal bank account.
The thematic modules are for 40 hours, are implemented outside working hours (October 2020 – March 2021) within 10 days and do not exceed 4 hours per day.

Indicative topics (Kos)

1. Creation & Management of Professional Social Media
2. The Art of Barista & Bartender
3. Serving Art - Restaurant Art – Sommelier
4. Local Gastronomy and Cold Kitchen Elements
5. Housekeeping & modern cleaning techniques
6. Receptionist & Complaint Management
7. Booking Manager & Online Sales Promotion
8. MARKETING – Promoting Online Sales
9. English Tourist Terminology & Customer Contact
10. German Tourist Terminology & Customer Contact
11. French Tourist Terminology & Customer Contact
12. Tours & First Aid
13. Basic computer knowledge (word, excel, outlook – internet, etc.)
14. Complaint management - Crisis management 

* In any case the above titles are indicative and may be modified at the start of the programs

Indicative Topics (Rhodes)

1. Reception & Customer Behavior-Body Language & Appearance
2. Housekeeping-Modern cleaning techniques & Introduction to new products
3. MARKETING -Modern sales techniques or complaint management
4. Marketing for teachers
5. Serving art - Service Bar - Barista
6. Recycling methods for all parts of the hotel (food, reception, bar, etc.)
7. Best green practices for environmental protection, how to reduce the ecological footprint (working in a hotel) / ecological management in all parts of the hotel - Housekeeping
8. Customer service - Marketing - Sales - Hotel reservations
9. Hygiene & Safety in the workplace - Fire protection
10. Covid-19 Protection Measures
11. Learning Disabilities
12. Online Applications
13. Distance learning - Use of ICT in education
14. Social media in the service of sales
15. Foreign Language

* In any case the above titles are indicative and may be modified at the start of the programs

Right of Participation

Right to participate have:

  • Unemployed and completed at least 50 insurance stamps in 2019.
  • Employees and the company where they work to employs up to 49 people (headquarter and branches).

Information - Registrations

For more information and registrations please contact us directly at the following telephone numbers:
For Kos, Leros and Kalymnos
El. Venizelos 79, Kos
Tel. 2242026900
e-mail: kos@anko.edu.gr
For Rhodes
G. Seferis 78-80, Rhodes
Tel. 2241401016 & 2241062488
e-mail: rhodes@anko.edu.gr