The Gourmet Cooking program is aimed at cooks who want to develop and modernize their knowledge by offering specialization in cooking and, above all, in the production for a la carte hotels and restaurants.

The increased numbers of new professionals, who are in the same position with you increase by the day, compelling you to try everyday to become better, through a continuous improvement of your skills.

Target audience

This program offers specialized knowledge that will enrich your creativity, significantly increasing your cooking performance. The special and specialized techniques used and taught within this program provide the necessary skills to distinguish yourself in the field of Gourmet Cooking.

The lessons are held at Anko Academy's state-of-the-art Cooking Workshops. They are taught by top chefs.

Techniques and recipes are presented according to the latest gastronomic trends.

Briefing program

  • Introduction to the profession (career, career features and career opportunities of  the professional cook)
  • Menu and recipes (lists of choices and effective use of recipes)
  • Principles of food and Nutritional Science (Creation of Menu and Nutrition)
  • Food and kitchen hygiene (safe storage, preservation, warming, cooling and defrosting, safe serving, cleaning and disinfection)
  • Basic principles in dish architecture (presentation techniques and food styling)
  • Technology and techniques in a professional kitchen (modern equipment and new techniques)
  • Sous Vide Techniques (analysis, how to cook by type, the next step in the technology)
  • Molecular Kitchen Techniques (analysis, presentation, details by material, cooking methods, specialized fixtures)
  • Fresh pasta, starches, risotto
  • Smoking and its use
  • Combination of drinks - food (wine - food, cocktail - food)
  • Fusion desserts
  • Fingerfood - Amusebouche (restaurant welcome menu)
  • Poultry (slicing, sauces, dressing, rebuilding, filleting)
  • Pork (special parts of pork)
  • Lamb (recognition with lamb, cutting, recipes, sauces)
  • Beef (Beef recognition, cutting, special parts of calf)
  • Seafood, fish, shells, Cephalopods
  • Introduction to micro greens, baby vegetables, sprouts and their use on the plate
  • Street food with special presentation and techniques
  • Sushi - sashimi (analysis, preparations, sushi, dressings & rolling)
  • Menu Degustation (menu and recipes from famous restaurants)